The Steer Genealogy

Long Green, the ancestral home of Joseph and
Grace (Edgerton) Steer in Frederick Co. VA

"Be patterns, be examples in all countries, places, islands, nations wherever you come; that your carriage and life may preach among all sorts of people, and to them; then you will come to walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone; whereby in them you may be a blessing, and make the witness of God in them to bless you."
~ George Fox (1624-1691) ~

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Here is some information and links on two other families I'm doing research on.

These two families make up an old genealogical record dating back to 1891 called "The Steer Genealogy" which I'm trying to update.

The progenitors of these families, Isaac Steer and Hattill Varman respectively, as well as many of their descendants were (and still are) associated with the Religious Society of Friends like the families discussed in the section "Robert Mackay Clan Links and Information".

Because of this and the fact that they all basically live in the same general region there are quite a few shared connections between the families that make up "The Steer Genealogy" and those covered in the other sections of this website.

The reader should view the info. contained in all of the sections because some Steer Genealogy info. may be found there as well.

If you have any information on these families that I can add to the Steer Genealogy records please e-mail it to steer_family@hotmail.com.

Introduction by Isaac S. Russell


       I have for some years been making a Genealogy of a branch of the STEER family. With all my efforts, I have not been able to get reliable data further back than the following account will show. There is a tradition that the family came from France, but I have not been able to establish it as fact. I have, therefore, confined myself to what is proved by the "records" that have been preserved.
       ISAAC AND RUTH STEER, and daughter, Katharine, came from County Antrim, Ireland, certificate from Ballendery Monthly Meeting, dated 5th mo., 7th, 1736, received at New Garden Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania, 6th mo., 27th, 1737.
       Three sons -- Nicholas, John and Joseph, preceded them to this country.
       Nicholas Steer's certificate was from Lisburn Meeting, in the North of Ireland, and was dated 3 mo., 23d, 1734, received by Sadsbury Monthly Meeting 1st mo., 6th, 1737. He was born 2d mo., 15th, 1702, married Ann Lewis. Their children were -- Benjamin, born 10th mo., 17th, 1745, who married Ann Everett, 9th mo., 7th, 1774; William, born 9th mo., 24, 1748; Hannah, born 6th mo., 15th, 1751, who married John Gregg, 9th mo., 7th, 1775; Ann, born 2d mo., 10th, 1754; and Ruth, born 4th mo., 17th, 1758.
       Benjamin and Ann (Everett) Steer had children -- Elizabeth, born 7th mo., 5th, 1775, died single; Ann, born 8th mo., 30th, 1777, who married Jonathan Pierpoint; Isaac E., born Loudoun Co., Virginia, 7th mo., 19th, 1779, and died same Co., 7th mo., 1st, 1860, who married Leah (Walker) Lupton, 4th mo., 12th, 1810; William, born 7th mo., 13th, 1781, died single; and Hannah, who married William Birdsall, 3d mo., 1st, 1809.
       Isaac E. Steer and his wife, Leah, had children -- Samuel, born in Loudoun Co., Va., 1st mo., 8th, 1811, died same County 7th mo., 4th, 1883, who married Harriet Taylor, 11th mo., 21st, 1832, some of whose family are now living in Waterford, Loudoun Co., Virginia; Rachel, who is now living in Loudoun Co., Virginia; and William.
       Hannah (Steer) and William Birdsall had children -- Anna, who married Josiah Lownes: and Rachel, who married Elisha Sabin.
       John Steer, son of ISAAC and RUTH, came from Ballendery, in the North of Ireland, certificate dated 2d mo., 11th, 1728, received at New Garden 6th mo., 30th, 1729. He married Rachel Evans 2d mo., 21st, 1732, at Leacock Meeting (since called Lampeter) and in 1749 moved with his family to Fairfax County, Virginia. Their children were Mark; James, who married Abigail, daughter of Joseph and Grace (Varman) Edgerton, 5th mo., 21st, 1761; Isaac, born 10th mo., 10th, 1749, died in Loudoun County, Va., 12th mo., 17th, 1819, who married Elizabeth George 6th mo., 13th, 1775, she died in Loudoun County, Va., 6th mo., 21st, 1827; John, who married Mary George and moved with his family to Kentucky; and Joseph, who married Ellen George.
       James and Abigail (Edgerton) Steer moved to Loudoun County, Virginia, about 1762, thence to Frederick County, Va., in 1766, and thence to Belmont County, Ohio, in 1813. They had a numerous family -- Hannah, married Moses Piggott 10th mo., 10th, 1793 ; Abigail, born 1st mo., 15th, 1768, married George Cope 4th mo., 15th, 1790; James, born Frederick Co., Va., 7th mo., 29th, 1781, died Belmont County, Ohio, 6th mo., 37th, 1874, married Ruth Wilson 7th mo., 29th, 1819; Rachel married James Raley 6th mo., 4th, 1788; Grace, born 3d mo., 9th, 1763, married John Cope 1793; Mary, who married John Doudna; Susannah, who married John Cowgill 8th mo., 23d, 1810; Sarah, born 2d mo., 27th, 1778, died 8th mo., 15th, 1828, married Samuel Cope (brother of George and John) 11th mo., 30th, 1797; and Joseph, who married Emma French.
       James Steer, born 6th mo., 17th. 1867, son of James and Ruth (Wilson) Steer married Mary Green (of English descent) 10th mo., 26th, 1853, and is living near Barnesville, Ohio. P. O. Tacoma, Ohio.
       Israel Steer, son of James and Ruth (Wilson) Steer, lives at Colerain, Ohio, and has several children and grandchildren.
       Rachel (Steer) and James Raley had, besides other children, a son, Asa, whose daughter, Martha, married Joseph Russell and now lives at Colerain, Ohio.
       Isaac Steer and Elizabeth (George) had eleven children. Their daughter. Sarah, born Loudoun Co., Virginia, 6th mo., 17th, 1779, died same County 9th mo., l5th, 1825, married Moses Dowdell, of Culpepper County, Va.. 12th mo., 14th, 1807. He died in Loudoun Co., Va., 5th mo., 14th, 1827. Sarah and Moses had four children. Their daughter, Mary, born Loudoun County, Va., 2d mo., 15th, 1823, married Joseph Furr 3d mo., 15th, 1854. He died in Loudoun Co., Va., 2d mo., 13th, 1888. She is now living near Hughesville. same Co.
       HATTILL and ABIGAIL VARMAN came from Cooledina, Ireland, certificate dated 2d mo.. 28th. 1729. Their children were: Mary, who married John Beeson; Sarah, who married, 1st John Lowe, and 2d John Parks; GRACE, who married, 1st Joseph Edgerton, and 2d JOSEPH STEER; and Elinor, who married Moses Brinton.
       The only child of Grace (Varman) and Joseph Edgerton was Abigail, who married James Steer 5th mo., 21st, 1761, as before mentioned.
       JOSEPH STEER (my great grand father) son of ISAAC and RUTH STEER, married GRACE (Varman) EDGERTON, widow of Joseph Edgerton and daughter of HATTILL and ABIGAIL VARMAN, as before stated. They were married at Sadsbury, Lancaster County, Penna., 3d mo., _, 1746. They had six children -- Ruth, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Joseph and Isaac. They were all born in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, except Isaac, the parents having moved to Frederick County, Virginia, before his birth, which took place a few miles North-West from Winchester.
       On the following pages will be found the names of all the descendants of JOSEPH and GRACE (Edgerton) STEER, brought down to 1890 (except in a very few cases,) with dates of birth, marriage and death, and where births and deaths took place in almost every case. Post-office addresses are also given.
       Observe in these pages that the dates of birth, marriage and death are indicated by the position of the dates. Dates before names indicate births, dates under names indicate marriages, and dates after names indicate deaths. Where no date of birth is given it is because the date could not be ascertained, and where there is no date of death, except in cases of persons born eighty years ago, death has not taken place.
       A little attention will enable any one to comprehend the plan of the work, this plan being adopted in order to get a great deal in as small space as possible. The names of the pairs on the left hand part of each page are the heads of families, the first of each pair being the one in the line of descendants, and the second one the husband or wife. Below each pair is the date of their marriage. The group to the right of each respective pair of names are their children. By following out each line on which each name of child is placed and using the figure at the end of the line for reference to another page, each individual, or his descendants, if any, can be traced down to the year 1890. The figures over the names on the left indicate the page from which those names were brought.


New Market, Frederick County, Md.

12th mo., 1891.

All the data recorded in Isaac Russell's original book can be found in the Partial Genealogy Records link below plus data that I've been able to add to various branches of the family. The format for displaying each family record is not the same one Isaac describes earlier as it doesn't work very well on a computer screen. I have a different format which is self explanatory which I have been using for all of my genealogy records.

To view a digital copy of the original Steer Genealogy click on the link below.

Partial Genealogy Records

Original Steer Genealogy (PDF)
by Isaac S. Russell (1891)

Russell Genealogy (PDF)
by Isaac S. Russell (1889)
His father's side.

Genealogy of the Jackson Family (PDF)
by Israel Ernest Jackson (1953)

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