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Our earliest known Mackay ancestor, Robert Mackay Sr., was a Quaker pioneer who lived in Freehold, Monmouth Co. New Jersey and later moved to the Frederick/Warren Co. Virginia area. Much of his family went there as well. A house which was built by his son Robert Mackay Jr. is still standing in the village of Cedarville, Va. A sign has been erected along Rt. 522 South telling about the house.

The Robert Mackay Clan website promotes two annual gatherings of Robert Mackay descendants which are as follows:

The first gathering to be mentioned is called 'The Robert McKay Clan Reunion'. In 1946 a group of Robert Mackay Sr.'s descendants in Virginia gathered together to start holding a family reunion which has commonly been called 'The Robert McKay Clan Reunion'. These reunions have been held every year since then, previously on different dates but later centred on or around the last Sunday in June in order to make it easier to remember the reunion dates in the future. These events have been generally well attended by many people in the past, some who travel many miles to attend and meet and socialise with all of the other cousins who are attending. Tables are set up for display of various items such as genealogy data, photographs and other memorabilia.

The second gathering to be mentioned is called the 'Collett-McKay Picnic'. This event was started at the end of the Civil War when family members living in the vicinity of Clinton County, Ohio decided to hold a picnic partly to see who returned from battle during the Civil War. It eventually grew into an annual tradition that attracts hundreds of people every year. The name 'Collett-McKay Picnic owes it's origins to four marriages between Collett family members and four children of Moses McKay (great-grandson of Robert Mackay Sr.). It is held annually on the 2nd Saturday of August on a piece of land held in trust by family members. Three long tables are set up to place food on for serving and also a table is set up for display of various items such as genealogy data, photographs and other memorabilia.

Both events are covered in greater detail in the links below bearing their respective names.

Robert Mackay Clan Genealogy information

One of Robert Mackay Sr.'s descendants, Dee Ann Buck published a comprehensive genealogy on the family of Robert Mackay Sr. She also published a few more genealogies on other families which have intermarried with Robert Mackay Sr.'s family. One of which is on Jacob Sowers Sr.'s family which is covered in a separate section.

These genealogies were sold to different members of the family back in 1990 and 1991 and copies of some of them, including the ones on Robert Mackay & Jacob Sowers, were donated to the archives of the Handley Library in Winchester, Va.

Please contact her at the e-mail address linked to her name to see which books she has available and the costs for purchasing them. Among the items for sale is a transcript copy of The Fairfax Land Suit done by the late Mr. Hunter Branson McKay.

I have been working on gathering information on the family of Robert Mackay Sr. and hope to be able to continue to further update this family genealogy and as such am always looking for more information.

Further information about the Robert Mackay Clan

If you have further info. that you would like to add to our records on Robert Mackay Sr.'s family or if you would like to be added to our mailing list please contact me at steer_family@hotmail.com. If you would like to send us a donation to help with our reunion fund please send it to:

The Robert Mackay Clan
115 Morgan St.
Winchester, VA 22601

Donations can also be made through PayPal:

We are always interested in getting to know new cousins.

Partial Genealogy Records

A Tabulated Genealogy of the Shenandoah Valley Family of Robert Mackay Sr. and Ann Brown (PDF)
by Dee Ann (Shipp) Buck (1990)

Twelve Tribes of Moses McKay (PDF)
by Katherine Ann (Hackney) Luby (2002)

The Origins of William McKay & Family
By Gerard McKay. Information on doing research on slave ancestors here.

Ancestry of Elizabeth Antrim, Wife of Jacob McKay III (PDF)
by Dee Ann (Shipp) Buck (1991)

Peter LeHew of Front Royal, Virginia And Some Of His Descendants - VOLUME I (PDF)
Compiled by James Huston Le Hue and Edith Foster (1967)

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The Robert McKay Clan Newsletter
Click on this link for information on our family newsletter.

The Robert McKay Clan Reunion
Annual event held in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The Collett-McKay Picnic
Annual event held in Chester Township, Clinton County, Ohio.
* * * Our annual Picnic will be on Saturday 14 Aug 2021. Click on this link for details. * * *

McKay Family Photos

The John W. Dawes Family Association

McKay Family Wills and Other Documents

Allied Family Wills and Other Documents


McKay Family Homes

Fairfax Land Suit
by Hunter Branson McKay
editor Dee Ann Buck

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