Quaker Meetings in the Lower Shenandoah Valley and elsewhere

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Below is a list of the different Friends Meetings that existed in the Shenandoah Valley region and surrounding areas as well as some other areas that members of our McKay & Steer families and other allied families of Quaker roots settled.

Also listed are some other cemeteries and churches that are associated with these families.

Some of the McKays who left the Society of Friends became Baptists and many living in Clarke and Warren counties became affiliated with Bethel Baptist Church and other churches connected to Bethel. In addition to that it is believed that the site which Bethel now stands on was once occupied by Friends. To see more info. on Bethel and these other churches click on this page: The Bethel Memorial, Incorporated.

Any Meeting that is currently a Monthly Meeting or was a Monthly Meeting sometime during it's existence will have a "*" beside it.

Quaker Quilts

Find the graves of ancestors, create virtual memorials, add 'virtual flowers' and a note to a loved one's grave, etc.

Earlier Historical Meetings

* East Nottingham Monthly Meeting *

* Redlands Monthly Meeting *

Meetings within the verge of Hopewell (Clearbrook, VA) and Fairfax (Waterford, VA)

* Alexandria Monthly Meeting *

Back Creek Meeting

Bear Garden Meeting

Berkeley Meeting

* Centre Monthly Meeting *

* Crooked Run Monthly Meeting *
(Now Nineveh Presbyterian Church)

Culpeper Meeting

Dillon's Run Meeting

* Fairfax (Waterford) Monthly Meeting *

* Goose Creek Monthly Meeting *

* Hopewell Monthly Meeting *

Lower Ridge Meeting

Middle Creek Meeting

Mill Creek Meeting

Monocacy (Monoquecy, Etc.) Meeting

Monongahela Meeting

Mt. Pleasant (Fawcett's) Meeting

* Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting *

Potts Meeting
(later called Gap Meeting)

Providence and Tuscarora Meeting

Redstone Meeting

Smith Creek Meeting

South Fork Meeting

Southland Meeting

Stafford Meeting

Upper Ridge Meeting

Westland Meeting

Meetings in Southwestern Ohio
(mainly Clinton, Warren, Greene & Highland Counties)

Southwest Ohio Research
Genealogical & Historical Research

Quaker Genealogy in Southwestern Ohio
by Karen Campbell

Waynesville, Ohio~Connections with the Past
by Karen Campbell

Harveysburg on Caesar's Creek (Ohio)
by Karen Campbell

Conversations with my Cats
by Karen Campbell

History of Ohio Pioneers
by Rosalie Yoakam

Links to the maps below show the location of the different Meetings listed below.
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Local Quaker Meetinghouses & Sites (Addresses)
(Miami, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Clinton and Warren Counties)
Blog by Karen Campbell.

Local Quaker Meetinghouses & Sites in Cincinnati, Ohio & Addresses

Local Quaker Meetinghouses & Sites in Highland County, Ohio

Ada Chapel Meeting

* Caesar's Creek Monthly Meeting *

* Campus Monthly Meeting *
(and Wilmington College)

* Center Monthly Meeting *

* Chester Monthly Meeting *

* Cincinnati Monthly Meeting *
(Orthodox) & (Hicksite)

* Samantha Monthly Meeting *
(formerly Clear Creek Monthly Meeting)

* Community Monthly Meeting *
(Union of East Cincinnati Monthly Meeting & Seven Hills Monthly Meeting)

* Cuba Monthly Meeting *

* Dover Monthly Meeting *

* Eastern Hills Monthly Meeting *
(Formerly known as Clifton Monthly Meeting)

* Highland Monthly Meeting *
(Also known as New Lexington Meeting & Fairfield Meeting)

* Fairview Monthly Meeting *

* Fall Creek Monthly Meeting *

Flat Fork Meeting

* Green Plain Monthly Meeting *

* Hardin's Creek Monthly Meeting *

* Harveysburg Monthly Meeting *
(Later known as Miami Monthly Meeting)

* Centerfield Monthly Meeting *
(Formerly known as Hopewell Monthly Meeting)

* Jamestown Monthly Meeting *

* Leesburg Monthly Meeting *
(Formerly known as Fairfield Monthly Meeting)

* Lees Creek Monthly Meeting *

* Londonderry Monthly Meeting *

* Miami Monthly Meeting *
(Hicksite) & (Orthodox)

1905 Friends Boarding Home

Miami Valley Institute

* Newberry Monthly Meeting *
(Martinsville [Newberry] Monthly Meeting)

* New Burlington Monthly Meeting *

* Sabina Monthly Meeting *

* Springborough (Springboro) Monthly Meeting *

* Springfield Monthly Meeting *

Turtle Creek Meeting

* Valley Monthly Meeting *

* Westboro Monthly Meeting *
(Formerly known as Westfork Monthly Meeting)

* Wilmington Monthly Meeting *

* Xenia Monthly Meeting *

Jonah's Run Baptist Church
Not actually a Friends Meeting but many of our McKay and related families who left the Society of Friends joined this church.

Other Quaker website related links

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Baltimore Yearly Meeting
The Yearly Meeting to which these Monthly Meetings belonged to: Hopewell, Goose Creek, Fairfax, Alexandria. Not sure if Crooked Run was ever a member. Could have formed after Crooked Run was laid down.

Wilmington Yearly Meeting
The Yearly Meeting to which the Monthly Meetings in Southwestern Ohio that many Mackay family members attend(ed) belong to. Click here for their Geocities website.

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting
Another Yearly Meeting to which some of the Ohio Monthly Meetings covered here belong.

Ohio Yearly Meeting
Another Yearly Meeting to which some of the Ohio Monthly Meetings covered here belong. Short Creek MM is a part of this Yearly Meeting.

Indiana Yearly Meeting
Another Yearly Meeting to which some of the Ohio Monthly Meetings covered here belong. This was the one which many of the Meetings in western Ohio were part of before organizing Yearly Meetings closer to their region.

Quaker Meetinghouses & Sites In Southwest Ohio

Quaker Cronicle

The Religious Society of Friends
Contains a large list of Meetings and other things Quaker.

Quakers in Britain

Quakers in Ireland

The Quaker Corner
This is an excellent place to do on-line research on Quaker ancestors and learn about Quaker heritage.

A Quaker Page
Contains links to many early Quaker writings. Should give the viewer a good reference to some of the early beliefs shared by many of our ancestors.

Quaker Heritage Press
Quaker Heritage Press aims to make available various historical Quaker writings that have been allowed to go out of print.

Friends Tract Association
Quaker writings

Other churches and cemeteries associated with the families

Mount Hebron Cemetery
Located in Winchester, VA. It is bounded on the west by East Lane, on the north by Woodstock Lane, on the south by Cork Street and on the east by Pleasant Valley Road. Incorporated in 1843, it also contains three other graveyards. They are: the Lutheran Church Cemetery established 1753; the German Reformed Church Cemetery established 1741; and the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery established 1866. This is one of Winchester's major burying grounds and people from all families covered on this website are buried here.

Green Hill Cemetery
Located just north of Berryville, VA on US 340 heading north on the right, just before the VA 7 overpass. One of Clarke County's major burying grounds and people from all families covered on this website are buried here.

Green Hill Cemetery
Located in Stephens City, VA
To be added later.

Shenandoah Memorial Park
Located just south of Winchester, VA on US 522 South on the right just before the intersection of Papermill Road. It's claim to fame is that it is the final resting place of Country Music singing legend Patsy Cline who was born in Winchester, VA. It also contains the graves of people from all of the families covered on this website.

Prospect Hill Cemetery
Front Royal, VA
To be added later.
A list of some of the people buried here

Meade Memorial Episcopal Church
White Post, VA
A list of some of the people buried here
Some McKay, Sowers & Kerfoot descendants are buried here.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Although not exactly connected with our family I found them interesting. (MLM)
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