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Below are some pages I created within this website. Eventually I may add more pages. Sometimes I find good historical posts at different discussion forums about the Clan Mackay or particular individuals within the Clan which I place on pages I create here after I contact the person who posted the message. These pages do not include posts about Robert Mackay Sr. or any of his descendants. Posts concerning Robert Mackay Sr. & his descendants would be placed on pages I created in the first section of my website. The reason for posting forum messages here is to show the messages to persons viewing this site and also to preserve them in the event the discussion forum they originally came from expires messages after a period of time.

Further below are some links to other Clan Mackay websites I'm aware of. If you are familiar with any others please e-mail the location to me so I can add it to the list as well.

The websites listed below contain either (or sometimes both) general information about Clan Mackay or genealogies of branches of Clan Mackay not descending from Robert Mackay Sr. my earliest ancestor.

I try to place the ones titled 'Clan Mackay' towards the top and try to give a brief description of their contents. The others are usually self-explanatory. For those not titled 'Clan Mackay' that need further explanation, I'll try to give a brief discription of them as well.

Book of Mackay
by Angus Mackay, M.A.

The Mackeys (variously spelled) and allied families
by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie

edited by William Mackay

Links to Clan Mackay related pages within this website

General Clan Mackay Photos

Mackay Tartan

The Correct History of Clann MacAoidgh (The Clan Mackay)
(by Dr. Gary Mckay)

Bonnie Dundee and General Hugh Mackay
(by Kenneth Morgan)

Message posted at the Tartans.com general chat forum 'The Pub' (History Only)

Other Official Clan Mackay Organisations Without Known Websites

Dr. Ian Grimble's Strathnaver Trilogy
Dr. Grimble's three volume set on Clan Mackay and Strathnaver history.
Info. on how to order copies here

The Highlanders of New Inverness, Ltd.,
(Building a bridge between Darien, Ga. and Strathnaver & Inverness, Scotland)

An important part of Clan Mackay history

The Wedding of The Chief

Links to Official Clan Mackay Society websites

Clan Mackay Society, Scotland
The parent Clan Mackay Society.

Clan Mackay Society, USA

Clan Mackay Association of Canada

Clan Mackay Society Australia, Inc.

Clan Mackay Society - Western Australia

Clan Mackay Society - New South Wales

Clan Mackay Germany

Clan Mackay Society of New Scotland (Nova Scotia)
This page authored by: Janet MacKay (1941-1999)
Currently maintained by: Alasdair McKay
[ Last update: 26 Nov 1999 ]

Clan Mackay, UK
Maintained by John Mackie
This website also contains a sound file showing how our Clan's name is pronounced

Links to other Clan Mackay related sites on the Web

The most North westerly corner of the Scottish Highlands

I love The Scottish Clans Podcast | Episode 74 The Mackays of Strathnaver, let's play it!

Bratach Web Portal
Home of the North West Highlands of Scotland�s award-winning news magazine.

Mackay DNA Project

Interactive Clan Map
Alternate map

Coat of Arms and Family Crest* Search

Mackay Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History
Mackey Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History

Mackay Clan Book Home Page
Available on CD ROM. Click here to order a copy of this major work on the Clan Mackay.

Strathnaver Museum

Donn Country: A 300 year legacy

The Real Mackays
by Charlotte Fairbairn

Smoo Cave

Speciality Preserves, Marmalades, Curds and Chocolates & Mrs Bridges

The Lord Reay
House of Lords

MACKAY Clan. A Celtic Resistance to Feudal Superiourity
Click here to order a copy.

Scottish cultural centre
A Clan Mackay related site in French.

Gathering of the Clans - Devoted To All Things Scottish

Clan Mackay
Information about Clan Mackay Society, USA.

David and Linda Mackay's Homepage
Contains general information about Clan Mackay.

Clan Mackay
Electric Scotland. Contains general information about Clan Mackay.

Clan Mackay
www.scotclans.com, The Clans and Tartans of Scotland, This site has a 'wav' file which shows how to pronounce our Clan's name. Contains general information about Clan Mackay

Impressions Scotland - Scottish Castles and Clan Database

Clan Mackay
Glenn Mackay's homepage.

MacKay Family & Connections in the Maritimes
Good site for early history of Clan Mackay.

My Heritage Library
Michele Yates Bagley.

Mackay Family Genealogy
Bob MacKay


Our Family Genealogy
Baldwins, Mackay descendants

MacKay Clan of Fort Dodge Homepage

MacKay Family
Angus MacKay

MacKay Family
John MacKay

Homepage of Aprille Cooke McKay

The Innes Family Homepage

Tribute to MacKay Heritage
by Janet MacKay
Almac site

Tribute to MacKay Heritage
by Janet MacKay
Electric Scotland Site

The Famous Scottish Haggis
by Janet MacKay
Electric Scotland site

Prince Edward Island MacKay Families


The Mackay Family


McCoy (McKay, McKaey, McAoidh) Family History

Jerry McCoy's Homepage

Dan Jones's Homepage
He created the official website for Clan Mackay, USA

Mervyn Lewis MacKay
Military service record

The Mackay Homepage

Craig Sutherland's Home Page

Arthur McKay's Homepage

The Caledonian
A site created by Rod Mackay

93rd Sutherland Highland Regiment Living History Unit

Yahoo! Clubs McKay Genealogy

Gloria's Genealogy and History Gateway
This site is created by a Mackay descendant who also has Lumbee ancestry and has excellent information for those wanting to research American Indian genealogy

Graeme Mackay Editorial Cartoons
The image of the Mackay piper appearing at the top of each page is one of his creations. A courtesy link to his site can also be reached by clicking on one of the pipers

DURNESS Highlands of Scotland
Ceud mile failte gu Diuranais! (A hundred thousand welcomes to Durness!) Located in the centre of the ancient lands of Clan Mackay

Scottish Highlanders in the Georgia Colony
The official website of The Highlanders of New Inverness, Ltd.

McWilliams / MacKay
by Timothy J. McWilliams

Evansville Indiana Mackay's Homepage

McKays World
by Duane McKay

Brian Mackay's website

Rob Donn Mac Aoidh
Well-known Mackay Gaelic poet.

Highland Hearts

McKays of Western Pa.

Neil Mackay's website

Hatfields and McCoys Reunion Festival

James Mackay

Mackayweb - home of the best of the Mackays
Website by James Mackay of England

The McCoy Meeting Place
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