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Lewis speaks at Bethel memorial

(From The Clarke Courier dated 29 8mo 1991.)

Lewis speaks at Bethel memorial

Posted: Thursday, August 29, 1991.
By Susan Holcomb
Courier Staff Writer
The Clarke Courier

Courier Staff Photo by Susan Holcomb

BETHEL ART attracted youngsters and senior citizens. Paintings were displayed at this year's annual memorial service at the old church.

     Tom Lewis spoke of earthly domination in Old Bethel's sixth memorial service last Sunday.

     The historic building, an early Quaker Meeting House and then a Baptist congregation, now owned by the citizens of Clarke County, was the beneficiary of a $10,000 gift from the late Harry Isaacs. The money will go to continue restoration.

     Ann Brown opened the service with a reading from Genesis 1:27-2:3. These passages explain the creation of the Earth and tell man to be fruitful and multiply and to dominate the Earth.

     Lewis discussed different translations of that latter phrase. He said the Greek version means to replenish the Earth.

     An example of domination, Lewis said, was the spotted owl. Man wants the lumber from the trees where the spotted owl lives. The owl can't just go somewhere else and continue to live. We are wiping out species not yet identified, Lewis said.

     Lewis said an economy which cuts four billion board feet of lumber per year, while replenishing 1.7 billion board feet per year isn't replenishing the earth. "We've done such damage to our natural support system," Lewis said.

     Although America has lost half of its fish species and much of its top soil through farming corn, Lewis pointed out that some things are making a come back. He said if the people in Russia can reach a new dawn of hope, it's too early for us to despair.

     Replenishing ourselves is the key, Lewis said.

     "Replenishment involves us all with each other," Lewis said.

     To replenish ourselves, Lewis said, we need to focus on non-material values, "It is a question of values, it is a question of connectiveness, it is a question of spiritual growth. We have to be participants and not see ourselves as masters. We have been wrong in seeking domination," he said.

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