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Waterford, Loudoun County, VA

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Waterford, Virginia, located in northern Loudoun County, VA started out as a Quaker community and among it's residents were a good many descendants of Isaac & Ruth Steer and Hattill & Abigail Varman. Some descendants still live there today.

Each year during the first full weekend of October, Waterford has the annual 'Waterford Homes Tours & Crafts Exhibits' which always attracts a large number of people each year.

The Waterford News

During the time of the Civil War years the majority of people in Waterford, Va. and other nearby areas stretching down to the present day village of Lincoln, Va. were predominantly pro-Union and many were Quakers.

It was during this time that three young Quaker women, Sarah Steer, Lida & Lizzie Dutton, started an underground newspaper called "The Waterford News" in support of the Union cause. Sarah Steer is descended from Isaac Steer (I may add her line later) and Lida & Lizzie Dutton's sister Mollie married Cousin Frank Steer. (Click here for his family record.)

This newspaper often reported on local happenings as well. There are a total of eight editions of The Waterford News running from 5th Mo. (May) 28th, 1864 to 4th Mo. (April) 3d, 1865. These have been reprinted in paperback book form courtesy of The Waterford Foundation and you can possibly purchase copies of this publication by contacting them at:

The Waterford Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 142
Waterford, VA 20197

Recently, the tradition of The Waterford News was revived by a young Waterford resident and some other young folks living in Waterford, VA. This newsletter copied the original style of The Waterford News and concentrated on the people, places & happenings of present day Waterford, VA. and much on the history of the village which of course included our Steer family. This Waterford News was primarily a kids newspaper but did have some interesting stories.

They distributed copies of their publication at the following locations: Waterford Market, Natural Mercantile Health Food Store in Hamilton, Goose Creek Friends Meeting in Lincoln, and the Loudoun Museum Store in Leesburg.

As of the Waterford Fair of October 2004 this reincarnation of The Waterford News had been discontinued.

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An organization devoted towards the preservation, upkeep and promotion of the village of Waterford, Loudoun Co. Va. which was once a Quaker town that was inhabited by many descendants of Isaac Steer among other people.

They hold an annual festival called "The Waterford Homes Tours and Craft Exhibits" also called "The Waterford Fair" on the first weekend of October.
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Waterford, Loudoun County, Virginia
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