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Henry R. Russell & Elizabeth Smith Clippings

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Some Biographical Information on Henry R. Russell
Contributed by Jane Russell Johnson

Born April 23, 1832 on farm north of New Market, Maryland, and attended "during his early life the common school of the neighborhood, during the winter season." Listed in 1850 census as farmer. Signed Quaker Friendship Quilt, along with his father, two of his brothers, and his sister; this quilt in possession of Loudoun Museum and is dated around 1850. In 1852 attended Benjamin Swayne's boarding school in London Grove, Pennsylvania, for one year; the following year at Dr. Franklin Taylor's School in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. During the 1850's worked with his brother Isaac on producing and selling reaper rakes for harvesting. Beginning in 1856 taught two years at Springdale Boarding School for Girls, near Goose Creek meeting house in Virginia. Probably lived in Loudoun County, VA in 1857. [Entries in Isaac S. Russell's diary on March 13 and 17 of 1857 suggest this. JRJ] Returning to New Market, he taught one year in the public school there, starting on September 20, 1858; in 1859 opened a private school, but after a few years closed it because of problems connected with his pacifism. Patented a number of inventions and improvements during the 1860's and 1870's, some in partnership with his brother Isaac; one of these, for a reel-rake, patented in 1859, was sold by them on July 5, 1862 to Cyrus McCormick for $9,500. "In 1867 he taught one year in the school of T. Clarkson Taylor, Wilmington, Delaware." Married Elizabeth Smith of Loudoun County, Virginia; from Isaac S. Russell's diary entry on August 13, 1868: "Attended the Marriage of Brother Henry and Elizabeth Smith at Wm J. Smith's [perhaps her older brother. A William , ten years older than Elizabeth, is listed in her family in the 1850 census. - JRJ] at 4 P.M. Quite a large company present...". In 1869 went to Woodbury, N. J., [from Isaac S. Russell's diary: "Packed up Henry's goods ready to send him at Woodbury, New Jersey" - JRJ] where he became principal of Deptford School, a post he held for 21 years. In 1890 he was made principal of Greenwood Seminary at Millville, Pennsylvania, where he stayed four years. Received Pd. D. [Doctor of Pedagogy-JRJ] from the School of Pedagogy, in the University of New York in 1896. At the time of his death he was teaching at Friends' Seminary, New York City. Died on January 5, 1899, in Brooklyn, New York.
Much of the above information contained in his obituary in Friends Intelligencer and Journal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 28, 1899, pp. 73 & 74.

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