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Phebe Ann Russell & James Stabler Clippings

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Some Biographical Information on Phebe Ann Russell Stabler
Contributed by Jane Russell Johnson

Born May 25, 1829, on farm north of New Market, Maryland. Member of Society of Friends. Married to James Stabler on February 28, 1865, at home of her father Joshua. From Isaac S. Russell's diary written February 28, 1865 [a Tuesday - JRJ]: " Went to Father's to attend the marriage of Sister [Phebe Ann Russell to James Stabler - JRJ] which was solemnized at 11 A.M. A considerable company was invited. Dinner was served at 2. All passed off pleasantly." After her marriage to James Stabler, they lived at Spring Garden in Montgomery County, Maryland, which he inherited from his mother. "...although no children blessed their union, no happier couple could be found around the county." During the summer each year, they held a watermelon party, usually on a night expected to be brightly moon-lit. "When Phoebe was growing old, she decided to go to Washington to visit relatives...A definite time and day were fixed for Jim to meet her at Derwood station with the horse and buggy when she returned. When the time came for her to leave Washington she became ill, and her hosts persuaded her to remain until she felt better. In order to explain her non-appearance at Derwood, she decided that one of her relatives should go to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station and tell the conductor of the emergency. He agreed that when the train came to Derwood he would call out in a loud voice to those assembled at the station, 'Phoebe's sick and can't come.' However, by the time the local had passed Takoma Park, or, perhaps Silver Spring, the conductor had completely forgotten the name of the station at which he was to shout out the message. The conscientious fellow, therefore, fearing that Jim might be thrown into paroxysms without an explanation of Phoebe's failure to appear, called out at every station along the railroad line, 'Phoebe's sick and can't come,' until Derwood was finally reached. There Jim received the word, waved acknowledgement, and drove off to Spring Garden without his Phoebe." Died April 23, 1908, and was buried in Pipe Creek Friends Cemetery, Union Bridge, Maryland.

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