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Annie Virginia Hollingsworth Clippings

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Miss Anna Hollingsworth
Passes Away At An
Advanced Age.

     Miss Anna Virginia Hollingsworth, the last surviving member of her immediate family, which is perhaps the very oldest in this section, died yesterday afternoon at the home of her cousins, Misses Ada B. and Bernice Hollingsworth, at South Loudoun and Germain streets, following a long illness, due to her advanced years. She had made her home with the Misses Hollingsworth for the past fourteen years.
     The funeral will take place from the home of the Misses Hollingsworth, 627 South Loudoun street Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock. The services will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. F. T. McFaden, of the Presbyterian Church, and burial will be in Mount Hebron Cemetery. The family requests that no flowers be sent.
Born In Oldest Home.
     Miss Hollingsworth had the distinction of having been born and living in what is regarded as the oldest residence in this vicinity, known as "Abraham's Delight," situated southeast of Winchester, just within the present city limits. The house is located on the Rouss Spring land, source of the city's water supply, and was occupied by Miss Hollingsworth, her sister, the late Miss Mary Hollingsworth, and her brother, the late Jonah Hollingsworth.
     The city of Winchester about 35 years ago acquired this property from the Hollingsworths and the large spring on it is now used as one of the principal water supplies for the city. The Hollingsworths continued to live in the old family residence there until 14 years ago, when her sister and her brother having died, Miss Anna Hollingsworth went to live with her cousins in this city where she died yesterday.
Father Died 71 Years Ago
     She is a daughter of David Hollingsworth, who died in 1859, and she herself was 86 years of age at the time of her death. Her ancestors built the homestead in 1736 and it had been continuously in the family until it was acquired by the city. The large stone mill on the property was operated by her father, David, and her grandfather, Jonah Hollingsworth, and it is also probably the oldest mill building in the lower Valley. The mill is now being used by the city of Winchester as a pumping station for its water department.
     Abram's Creek, which flows through the county, has its source in Hollingsworth Spring, now the Rouss spring, and the creek derives its name from the Christian name of one of Miss Hollingsworth's ancestors, Abraham Hollingsworth. Another ancestor of the family was killed by a buffalo on the family estate, the bison being one of a number of herds of buffalo which in the early days wandered wild through this section.
Descendants In Every State
     From the original ancestors of the family, their descendants have scattered over the country until now it is said members of the Hollingsworth family may be found in every state in the union.
     Miss Hollingsworth had lived a quiet, retired life for many years. She possessed a fund of reminiscence and anecdote linking the present with the very earliest history of the Valley, which made her a most charming companion. Her family had always occupied a foremost place in the affairs of Winchester and Frederick county and this status gave her unusual opportunity to gain an intimate insight into the early affairs and local history of the community.
(Sun. May 4th - 1930)

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