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Clarence Asa Robinson & Grace Caldwell Clippings

See their family record.

     The annual Christmas dinner for the managers and employees of the C. A. Robinson Mercantile Company was given Saturday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Robinson at their home on East Illinois street. An elaborate turkey dinner was served at six o'clock. After the dinner the party went to the new home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Robinson where the Christmas gifts had been hid. A merry time was enjoyed hunting for the gifts. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Robinson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Robinson and son, Mrs. Belle Ewing, Misses Lizzie Gibbons, Sarah Gibbons, Lizzie Long, Agnes Burgett, Emma Martz, Ada and Margaret Ewing, Messrs John Robinson and Leo Ewing.
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