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Phineas Steer Robinson Clippings

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Swift Waters of Shen-
 andoah Carry Phi-
 neas S. Robinson, 17,
 Under Near R. R.
 Bridge At Riverton.


         BODY IS FOUND

Three Companies Make
   Heroic Effort to Get Their
   Stricken Mate From Wa-
   ter--Resuscitation Appa-
   ratus Rushed From Win-
   to River Banks
   And Firemen Work For
   Hours Trying To Save
   Youth's Life.

     Seized with a cramp while swimming in the swift current of the Shenandoah River just below the Norfolk and Western Railroad bridge at Riverton, Warren county. Phineas Steere Robinson, 17-year-old Winchester youth, was drowned last evening while three comrades battled the water heroically in an effort to save the boys life.
     Efforts at resuscitation both by physicians and a pulmotor rushed to the river by a local fire company were futile, after the youth's body had been pulled from the river bottom by a rescue crew manning boats soon after Robinson disappeared beneath the surface of the river.
     Young Robinson with three companions, George Cross, "Skeeter" Lowery, and Wallace Derry, left Winchester late yesterday for Riverton to take the first swim of the season. About 7:30 p. m. Robinson was seen to disappear beneath the surface of the water while he was swimming in a swift current.
Comrades To Rescue.
     The three companions lost no time in swimming to the spot where Robinson disappeared. They dived for him but were unable to find their quarry. Robinson came to the surface and was caught by one of the youths, however, it is reported that he was fighting so that he broke from his rescuer. Again the drowning youth came to the surface, but still he fought off rescuers.
     An alarm was spread to Front Royal and Winchester for help in locating the youth. Scores of people went to the river banks, automobiles blocking the highway in the vicinity of the drowning spot.
     Five boats, including one operated by outboard motor, were commandeered and a score of persons began the task of locating Robinson.
Local Men Find Body.
     In one of the boats was R. T. Willey, connected with the Shenandoah Motor Company here, and

Martin Peters, also of Winchester. Their boat was the one locating the spot where Robinson's body had settled.
     In searching with a hook, Mr. Willey is said to have reported, the party caught hold of a heavy object on the river's bottom. Upon lifting it to the surface, it was found to be a bundle of wire, however, the body of the youth was reposing on it. As the wire was pulled from the water, Robinson's body fell back in the stream and it was necessary for the rescuers to make another effort before the youth was pulled from the water.
     Taken ashore about 10 p.m., a doctor from Front Royal declared that Robinson still had a slight pulse. Efforts were made to start respiration and a call was sent here for pulmotory apparatus.
Firemen Respond To Call
     Members of the rescue squad of both the Friendship and Charley Rouss fire companies answered the call for help, the latter organization taking their pulmotor with them.
     Arriving on the river bank, the rescue squads worked untiringly for about two hours in an effort to save young Robinson's life. After working that length of time, the firemen found that rigor mortis had set in the body and that their hopes of restoring life were blasted.
     The body was turned over to R. T. Jones and Company, local funeral directors, and was brought here and prepared for burial.
Leg Indicated Cramp.
     Mr. Willey, one of the men finding the body, said that when Robinson was lifted to the sur-
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face, his right leg was bent upwards to his body, indicating that a severe cramp had been suffered which sapped the strength from the youth and apparently threw him into a state of semi-consciousness.
     Young Robinson was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Robinson, 513 South Kent street. He was employed since last January by the local branch of the Troy Laundry Company.
     Surviving the youth are his parents and one sister, Miss Aleva Corena Robinson, at home.
     Funeral rites for young Robinson will be held from his parents' home, 513 South Kent street, at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. The Rev. E. A. Lambert, pastor of Braddock Street Methodist Episcopal Church, South, will be the officiating minister and interment will be in the family lot at Mount Hebron Cemetery.
     Pallbearers at the obsequies will include Robert Whiley, Dew Stine, Wallace Derry, George Cross, Cordell Bowley and Archie Lowery.

(Tues. May 31, 1932)

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