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Jerry William Robinson Clippings

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Jerry William Robinson
(16 Jul 1935 - 5 Dec 2011)

By June Rose Robinson

     Jerry was born July 16, 1935 in Winchester, Virginia, the son of William Archibald Robinson and Viola Virginia Buckner Robinson. The grandson of Archibald Smith Robinson and Evaline Marshall Ferguson Robinson and grandson of Robert Warren Buckner and Mossie Mae Feltner Buckner. His older sister is June Rose Robinson, in Hueytown, Alabama and younger sister is Janet Eleanor Brinson, in Lenexa, Kansas. Jerry was the only son, the middle child and proved to be the peacekeeper of the family. His intelligent solutions and kind polite manner smoothed differences many times, even at a young age. Our family participated in worship at Market Street Methodist Church in Winchester - Sunday school, bible school. Jerry was in Cherub Choir and later in Childrens Choir.
     He entered first grade at John Kerr Elementary School, Cameron Street in Winchester, Virginia. After World War II began, his father entered war work in Bethlehem Ship Yard in Baltimore, Maryland. As soon as housing could be arranged, the family moved to Brooklyn, a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. Jerry succeeded in school and graduated with honors from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
     He was employed by U.S. Coastal and Geodesic Services in the mapping division. Later he accepted an executive position with Chicago Arial Survey. For more than 25 years he was president and/or CEO of companies relating to Surveying, Mapping Global Positioning Systems, Geospatial Information Systems, and more recently Property Management and Homeowners Association Management.
     Jerry has three children, daughter Kim Cooper, sons Mark and Kevin Robinson. He loved his children.
     The most important thing, to me, about Jerry is that he was always there in spirit for me. Although we lived a long distance apart, I felt him with me in my heart in good times and in bad times. As we talked in the last few weeks, we agreed that he will still be with me in spirit.
     God is so good.
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