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Miscellaneous Clippings

     Mrs. D. S. Mattison and Mrs. Samuel Brown, of Winchester, Va., Hunter Robinson, of Kirksville, Mo., and Mrs. E. J. Rowe, Minburn, Ia., are guests in the home of L. C. Brown, having been summoned here by the death last evening of Mrs. Brown.


     Funeral services for Joseph A. Frith will be held this afternoon at 4 o'clock from the Pine-Street Baptist Church. Interment will be made in Riverview cemetery.
     Mr. Frith died suddenly Saturday night at 7:05 o'clock at his residence, 2711 West Main Street. He was 56 years old, was born in Richmond and had lived here all his life.
     He was for many years an employee of the state bureau of printing, and was well-known and highly regarded among the officials and employes with whom he was associated. He had been forced to retire from active work with the bureau six years ago on account of failing health.
     Mr. Frith was active in a number of fraternal organizations here, particularly the Woodmen of the World and the Junior Order, United American Mechanics.
     He had been a member of Pine-Street church for many years.
     Surviving Mr. Frith and his wife, Mrs. Annie Anderson Frith; two daughters, Miss Corinne Frith and Mrs. Garner Binns, and two sons, Leslie W. and Herbert Frith, all of Richmond.


Feb. 21 - 1925

Motored to Kirksville

     Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Mattison and son, and Mrs. Sallie Robinson and daughter, Miss Opal, of Winchester, Va., arrived in Kirksville yesterday for a visit with relatives. They made the trip in an automobile. Mr. and Mrs. Mattison and son are visiting her brother, Hunter Robinson and family and Mrs. Robinson and daughter are visiting her brother, C. A. Robinson and family.

     The beautiful things are the things we do; they are not the things we wear as we shall find when the journey's through, and the roll-call's read up there. We're illustrating the latest styles, with raiment that beats the band; but the beautiful things are the kindly smiles that go with the helping hand. We burden ourselves with gleaming gems, that neighbors may stop and stare; but the beautiful things are the diadems of stars that the righteous wear. There are beautiful things in the poor man's cot, though empty the hearth and cold, if love and service are in each thought that husband and wife may hold. There are beautiful things in the lowest slum where wandering outcasts grope, when down to its depths they see you come with message of help and hope. The beautiful things that we mortals buy and flesh in the crowded street, will all be junk when we come to die, and march to the judgement seat. When everything's weighed on that fateful day, the lightest thing will be gold. There are beautiful things within reach today, but they are not bought or sold.


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