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Letter about the Steer Genealogy

Here is a letter I wrote to various Rootsweb Listserves about gathering info. to update the Steer Genealogy.

The title of the letter is UPDATING THE STEER GENEALOGY.


I've been working on putting together an updated version of the book STEER GENEALOGY (Some Genealogy of a Steer Family) by Isaac S. Russell since about 1988.

I've recently discovered these Listserves for genealogy in various counties so I thought I'd take a shot at this in order to collect more data for my Steer Genealogy records.

Here's a brief account of the beginnings of the family:

Isaac Steer married Ruth Mercer. They came from Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with their daughter Katherine. Three sons: Nicholas, John & Joseph preceeded them to this country. The family was affiliated with The Society of Friends (Quakers) where many continued for generations to be members.

The family eventually migrated down into Virginia settling primarily in Frederick & Loudoun Counties from which descendants spread to other areas in this country. Isaac Russell's book was printed back in 1891 so as you can see much has happened since then. His book primarily dealt with the descendants of Joseph (Isaac & Ruth's son). I am trying to gather info. on ALL of the descendants of Isaac and Ruth Steer, or at least as much as I am able to collect.

Being that the family is predominantly Quaker finding accurate info. hasn't been too difficult. I have access to the books written by William Wade Hinshaw which I am using now to further add to the Steer Family records but again much has happened since Hinshaw published his Quaker records.

This family has branched out into many different surnames as well, all which can be traced back to Isaac and Ruth Steer. Some of the more common surnames found in this family are: JACKSON, ROBINSON, BROWN, SEXTON, HOLLINGSWORTH, FENTON, DEAN, KIRK, CLEVENGER, WHITACRE, WALKER, PARKINS, MAHANEY, MARKER, SWAYNE, POPE, HOUGH, GRIFFITH, LYTLE (or LITLER), RICHIE, WICKERSHAM, WOOD, RUSSELL, NEVITT.

If you believe you are a descendant of Isaac and Ruth Steer I would like to hear from you. Could you please send me whatever complete info. you can give me on your branch of the family up to today's times plus what you know on collateral branches in your line. I need full names of individuals, birth & death dates, places of birth & death, marriage dates and places, spouses full names with birth, death dates and places as well and also the names of the spouses' parents with the mother's maiden name and the same for each child descending from the couple. If you don't have the complete info. I requested, that's ok, just give me what you can.

If you wish you can include some biography about some of the individuals.

Whatever information you can give me will be greatly appreciated as I try to put together the most up to date version of this genealogy as possible. Send replies to the address below.

Michael LeHew McKay.


The Steer Genealogy also has information on Hattill Varman's family. I'm also gathering information to update this family record as well. This will also be included as part of the Steer Genealogy that I'm working on.

Hattill Varman & his wife Abigail came from Cooladine MM, Co. Wexford, Ireland, on a certificate dated 2d mo. (April), 28th., 1728 which was recieved on 3rd mo (May) 31, 1729 in New Garden MM. They settled in Leacock Township, Lancaster Co. Pa.

They had the following children:
Mary who married John Beeson; William; Grace who married 1st Joseph Edgerton & 2nd Joseph Steer; Eleanor who married Moses Brinton; Sarah who married 1st John Lowe & 2nd John Parks.

If you have any information on this family please let me know. The same principle applies in gathering information on this family as is on the family of Isaac Steer.

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