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McKay Family Photos

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Here are some photos of descendants of Robert Mackay Sr. that either have been given to me or that I scanned.

Oliver Ridgeway Funsten & two wives photos

James Bowen Funsten & Ida Vivian Pratt Photos

William Pratt Funsten & Margaret Louise Gildey Photos

Robert Vivian Funsten & Marguerite Marie Churchill Photos

Robert McKay & Lucy Buck Photos

Charles R. McKay & Mary E. Heflybower Photos

Isabelle Lee McKay & Two Husbands Photos

Aurelia Margarite McKay & Perry Doniel Mowbray Photos

Abigail Jane McKay & Levi Duffy Shambaugh Photos

Lucinda E. McKay Photos

Maria Ann McKay & Daniel Haines Collett Photos

Oscar McKay Hackney & Judith A. Haines Photos

Albert C. Hackney & Nancy Katherine Mann Photos

Volcah Mann Hackney & Gusta Anna Smith Photos

Howard S. Hackney & F. Lucille Morrow Photos

Roderick Allen Hackney Photos

Kenneth Howard Becker Photos

Robert Bond Hackney & Mary Eva Bingamon Photos

Sallie B. McKay & Joseph C. McKay Photos

Buck McKay & Ella Heflybower Photos

Lewis McKay Photos

Jonathan LeHew McKay & Nannie Walker Heflybower Photos

Winston LeHew McKay & Mary Love Robinson Photos

Michael LeHew McKay Photos

Robert Scott McKay Photos

William Buck McKay II Photos

Beverly McKay & Frances Burch Photos

Mary McKay & Marshall Gore Photos

Hilda Lee McKay Photos

Clarence S. McKay & Daisy L. Melton Photos

Daisy L. McKay & Walter E. Shipp Photos

Oscar Taylor (Caleb) McKay & Minnie Merle Parr Photos

Clyle Parr McKay & Two Wives Photos

Merle Elizabeth McKay & Joseph Keene Photos

Dearing LeHew McKay & Nannie Gertrude Rodefer Photos

Melissa Antrim McKay & John Harold Miller Photos

Oscar McKay & Mary Massie Photos

Esther Steer "Etta" Robinson Photos

Mary Frances Clevenger & Jonathan Robinson Photos

D. Arthur Robinson & Rachel W. Jolliffe Photos

Charles Edwards Clevenger & Sarah Susan "Sue" Childs Photos

Bertha Brown Clevenger Photos

Charles Stanley Clevenger Photos

Charles Stanley Clevenger & Martha Louise Collins Photos

Barbara Collins ClevengerPhotos

Kay Collins Clevenger Photos

Etha Brown Clevenger & Frederick Albert Cochran Jr. Photos

George Washington Clevenger Photos

Lydia Jane Hollingsworth Photos

Andrew C. McKay & Delphia A. Hill Photos

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