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The Ferguson Family of Paris, Fauquier County, Virginia

Here are some obituaries, marriage or engagement announcements or other biographies about family members.

Andrew McKay and Jane Ridgeway Clippings

Patience McKay & Robert Whitacre Clippings

Moses McKay & Abigail Shinn Clippings

Barney Anthony "Tony" Zierleyn Jr. Clippings

Maude E. Haines & Adam B. Campbell Clippings

Edna Irene Hosier & Robert E. Chaney Clippings

James R. "Jim" Hosier Clippings

Brett A. Campbell Clippings

Eldon Harold "Pete" Fullen Jr. Clippings

Betty Catherine McKay & William Oliver Turner Jr. Clippings

Oscar C. McCune & Laura Maltbie Clippings

Howard McCune Clippings

William S. Doster Clippings

Daniel Howard Doster & Barbara Lou Gibbs Clippings

Howard Shambaugh Clippings

Raymond McKay Clippings

Alonzo Oglesbee Clippings

Evelyn Cleo McMillan & Francis Leroy Countryman Clippings

Sarah Eleanor Hackney & Thomas Robinson McCoy Clippings

Russell Bond McCoy & Bertha E. Walker Clippings

Rosalee Ann McCoy Clippings

Leslie Diane Hill Clippings

Thomas Glenn McCoy & Alma C. Harper Clippings

Edward Miars Hackney & Rosa Belle Matson Clippings

Lydia Alice Hackney & Two Husbands Clippings

Meredith Ann Shelby Lindsay Clippings

Albert Morrow Hackney Clippings

Eric Aaron Albert Hackney Clippings

Katherine Ann Hackney & Two Husbands Clippings

Robert Bond Hackney & Mary Eva Bingamon Clippings

Lois Ann Hall Hackney Clippings

Patricia Ann Hackney Clippings

Arthur Robert Godfrey Clippings

Mary Ann McKay & Rudolph Hillenkamp Clippings

Delphine La Veta Hillenkamp & Kenneth Luverne Alstad Clippings

James Robert Hillenkamp & Marietta C. Jacobs Clippings

Nancy Antrim McKay Clippings

Francis Hitter "Frank" McKay & Catherine Butcher Clippings

Virginia Ophelia McKay Clippings

Hillary Mitchell Burch & Helen Louise Balog Clippings

Gregory Mitchell Burch Clippings

Jonathan Walker "Corkey" McKay & Dale Virginia Brill Clippings

Rosalie Deloris "Peachy" McKay & Two Husbands Clippings

Winston LeHew McKay & Mary Love Robinson Clippings

William Buck McKay II & Two Wives Clippings

Richard Allen "Ricky" McKay Clippings

William Howard "Billy" McKay Clippings

Sharon Lee Lowery McKay Clippings

Ella Lee McKay & Paul Joseph Corso Clippings

Paul Joseph "Sonny" Corso Jr. Clippings

Kenneth Timberlake "Bo" McKay & two wives Clippings

Johnny Gilbert Jones Clippings

Keightley Wilson "Kitty" McKay & Marion Porter "Slim" Vanscoy Clippings

Shirley Frances McKay Clippings

Wallace Eugene Shipp & Dorothy Virginia Ritchie Clippings

Ralph Earl Shipp & Patsy Dee Hopgood Clippings

Dee Ann Shipp & Irvin Paul Buck Clippings

Linda McKay Golden Clippings

Oscar Taylor (later Caleb) McKay Clippings

Mabel Virginia McKay Clippings

Sue Ellen McKay Clippings

Jessica Catherine Randall Clippings

John Wesley McKay Clippings

Thomas Wright Robinson & Lulah Fletcher Greathouse Clippings

William George "Robby" Robinson & Janet Estes Clippings

William Nichols "Billy" Robinson Clippings

Doris McNeil & Carl Gould Ralston Clippings

Jonathan James Robinson Clippings

Esther Steer "Etta" Robinson Clippings

Mary Frances Clevenger & Jonathan Robinson Clippings

Willahmenia Janney "Willa" Robinson & William Curtis Wilson Clippings

Curtis Jolliffe Wilson & Ruth Lee Simpson Clippings

Willard Janney Wilson Clippings

James William Robinson Clippings

Mary Hannah Robinson & Frank Marion Clevenger Clippings

Russell Horton "Russ" Clevenger & Two Wives Clippings

Charles Edwards Clevenger & Sarah Susan "Sue" Childs Clippings

Bertha Brown Clevenger Clippings

Charles Stanley Clevenger & Martha Louise Collins Clippings

Barbara Collins Clevenger Clippings

Kay Collins Clevenger Clippings

Ann Collins Clevenger Clippings

Thomas Lynn Bibb Clippings

Etha Brown Clevenger & Frederick Albert Cochran Jr. Clippings

Sophia Brown Clevenger & William T. Robinson Clippings

Austin F. Robinson Clippings

Rosalind Robinson Clippings

Laura Alice Robinson & Joseph Lupton Jolliffe Clippings

William Matthew Robinson Clippings

Mary Louise Robinson Clippings

Thomas Walter Clevenger Jr. Clippings

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