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The Robert McKay Clan Newsletter

This Newsletter serves the entire family of Robert Mackay Sr. and some related families. It includes coverage of the Robert McKay Clan Reunion (McKay-Sowers-Kerfoot) held annually in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and the Collett-McKay Picnic held annually in northwestern Clinton County, Ohio. It reports on events and happenings submitted by family members and also contains genealogical information and queries.

It also covers events surrounding historic Old Bethel Baptist Church in southern Clarke County, Virginia.

This Newsletter was originally founded by Wallace E. Shipp back in 1965. Wallace retired from editing the family Newsletter in 2003.

The Newsletter volunteer staff is now made up of three people listed below:

Assistant Editor:

   Michael L. McKay
Kimberly A. Price
Betty I. Powers
The addresses above are not hyperlinked to help prevent spam robots from junkmailing us.

The Newsletter is also a companion to our family website and is published annually with issues going out in Spring.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive the Newsletter please send a donation (at least $15.00 is suggested) and any news you would like to share to the address shown below. Please make cheques payable to The Robert Mackay Clan.

Michael L. McKay
115 Morgan St.
Winchester, VA 22601-3829

Online editions of the Newsletter

Through the courtesy of Yahoo! groups our family Newsletter is now made available online.

If you would like to read our Newsletter online please click on the appropriate box below. If you haven't done so you will need to create a Yahoo! account and join with your Yahoo! username in order to read the Newsletter online:

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I believe that the partnership between the Newsletter and Website has been and continues to be beneficial to both and to the entire Robert Mackay family in general as technology changes and we make use of the new tools before us in reaching different cousins out there.

Below is an example of what our newsletter looks like:




    It's almost time for our 58th reunion. This
year our gathering will again be held at the Holi-
day Inn, 301 Foxcroft Ave., Martinsburg, WV 25401,
on Sunday June 22, 2003 with dinner at 1:00 p.m.

Please bring something of interest to share with
the rest of us. Tables will be set up for dis-
play of photo albums, genealogy records, and
other family related items. Plan to come early
and stay later to meet and socialize and to view
the items on display. Bring an item you would like
to donate as a door prize. Please cut out the
enclosed card or mail the one with my other letter
by June 15, whether you are planning to attend or

    We will be having a buffet style dinner feat-
uring entrees of fried chicken & London broil and
two side dishes of scalloped potatoes and a
vegetable, potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw,
garden salad with two dressings, vegetable tray,
fresh fruit, rolls and butter, desserts, coffee,
tea (hot and cold).
    I have just reduced the price from 16. The
new price is $15.
Children 12 and under are free
this year.

    There are two swimming pools and the fee is
$3.00. Dressing should be done near the pool area.
No swimwear in the motel. Lockers are provided,
but bring your own lock. Parents should be pre-
sent when children are using the pool.
    The motel has a tennis court, sand volleyball
court and weight facilities. Heatherfields
Restaurant is located inside the motel.
    Room rates are $72 plus tax. Phone (800)
862-6282 for reservations.
    Please let me know of births, marriages, deaths
so I can announce them at the reunion.
    Please bring games or ideas to entertain our
younger children.
    115 Morgan Street
    Winchester VA 22601-3829
    (540) 667-1243
    Email: mckyrbnsn@hotmail.com

Vol. 45 #2 Wallace and Dorothy Shipp, Editors,
xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, xx xxxxx-
xxxx. Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx or (xxx) xxx-xxxx.
ISSN 1083-2246.

Circulation 207. May 28, 2003
Published since 1965-38 years.

www.robertmackayclan.com     Web site.

"Clean a room by working from the cleanest area
to the dirtiest. It's harder to gear up for
cleaning when you tackle the hardest job head on."
    Family & Consumer Sciences Newsletter, Apr 2002
Richard Charles Gore, 97, Broadway, Va.
Albert Clinton Boze, 86, Charlottesville, Va.
Virginia K. Fox, 95, Winchester, Va.
Charles M. McKay, 84, Purcellville, Va.
Paul Stanley McKay, Dale City, Va.
Winston LeHew McKay, 88, Winchester, Va.
Ida Marien, 89, Washington, DC
Margaret A. Stewart, 69, Fredericksburg, Va.
Dr. Laszlo Tauber, 87, Potomac, Md.
James P. Ward, Rockville, Md.
George Rybezynski, 90, Avalon Shores, Md.
Bruce W. McKay, Rockville, Md.         See page six.

Beginning Balance June 23, 2002.........$1,389.25
Donations received at 2002 reunion......    436.00
Received for 2002 reunion dinners.......      516.03
2002 reunion dinner fees
        38 lunches @ 10.95......416.10
        Service charge.........        70.73
        Dinner total............        516.03
                $200 deposit.........................         ( 316.03)
Interest income since last reunion                   1.80
(Low interest due to decline in rates.)
Deposit made to Holiday Inn for 2003        (200.00)
Clan Treasury balance March 31, 2003   $1,827.63

    Jeffrey A. McKay, xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx,
xxxxxxxxxx, xx, xxxxx (xxx) xxx-xxxx, Treasurer.

    Getting rid of excess clutter can reduce house-
work by 40%. Discards general fall into one of
the following categories: trash, giveaways, yard
sales or belongs somewhere else. Follow the
"One In, One Out" rule. Nothing new comes in
unless something old goes out. SOAP AND DETER-

The usual table of contents was omitted from this
issue. Typing was complete May 26, 2003.

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