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Newspaper article from 1973

Submitted to the Wilmington News Journal.

200 attend 107th Collett-McKay picnic

     Two hundred members and guests of the Collett and McKay families registered at the picnic grounds on the Gurneyville and Inwood roads Saturday. Several people were heard to say that this picnic, Number 107, was one of the nicest in their memory. The weather was beautiful, and so were the grounds. It was cool and shady under the sugar maples, and the breeze was delightful.

     Before dinner the Rev. Mr. John W. Beers Jr., of Bellbrook led the group in a prayer of thanksgiving. There was definitely no evidence of a food shortage here, and all enjoyed a delicious and hearty meal. The coffee was made in a big iron kettle over an open fire by Mr. Richard Baugh.

     Departing from tradition, a short business meeting was conducted in the afternoon by Mr. Donald D. Collett at which time attention was called to the new fence enclosing the four acres owned by the two families. The fencing made it possible to plant new trees to replace those which have been destroyed or damaged by severe wind storms in recent years.

     Twelve red oak trees were given in memory of Lila Inwood Edwards by her husband, Mr. Wallace Edwards. Several sugar maple trees from his farm had been set out by Mr. William Doster. Mr. Collett told of plans to construct a small utility building before next year's reunion, and to spread more fine stone in the area of the tables. Widening the entrance and moving the large brick gate posts back farther from the road is another project for the near future.

     Those attending from out of state were: Mr. and Mrs. D. Howard Doster, David, Dan, Susan, and Anne, West Lafayette, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Inwood, Tonya and Brad, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Miss Carol Cossum, Pleasantville, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Baugh, Adele, Steven, and Jimmy, Rochester, Mich.; Mrs. Edward (Caroline Cossum) Powell, Wheaton, Ill.; Master Troy Graham, Houston, Tex.; Mr. and Mrs. David Browning, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

     Mr. and Mrs. Everett L. Baugh, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Mr. Lawrence E. Baugh, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. David Baugh, Terri and Christopher, Longwood, Fla.; Miss Jan Gathings, DeLand, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lindsey, Brad, Blake and Molly, Westfield, Indiana.

Other news items:

Collett-McKay picnic grounds beautified

(Dated 1 May 1973)

     Trees are aging at the Collett-McKay picnic grounds and no wonder, the picnic has taken place annually for -- this will be the 106th year.

     So Saturday several relatives with some helpers gathered at the grounds on Gurneyville Road to plant 12 red oak and maple trees given in memory of Lila Inwood Edwards by her husband, Mr. Wallace Edwards of Oxford.

     Lila Inwood Edwards grew up in Clinton County, she taught school at Kingman. When her husband retired they went to Oxford to live as their two children and their families are there, one in Oxford (professor at Miami University) and the daughter in the area near.

     Mr. Charles Peterson of Peterson nursery in Xenia pruned the trees and supervised the planting.

     The grounds have been fenced off and the grass is to be mowed to allow young trees to grow. Some families have planted trees from their own woodlands and others may do so.

     Mrs. Warren Kester of Glendale has been active in forwarding this project. She recalls that trees now shading the table area were planted 50 years ago.

     The construction of a small utility building is being considered.

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