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Newspaper article from 1956

Collett-McKay Families Meet For 91st Picnic

     The descendants of Stephen Collett and Robert McKay met Saturday for the 91st picnic on a tract of land owned by the picnic association which is a part of the original survey granted to Moses McKay and which is located three and one half miles southeast of New Burlington on the Gurneyville road.

     The posts at the entrance to the grounds are marked by bronze tablets commemorating the memory of the immigrant ancestors, Stephen Collett from France and Robert and Margaret McKay from Scotland, and the pioneer ancestors, Daniel and Mary Haines Collett from Jefferson County, Va., (now West Virginia) and Moses and Abigail Shinn McKay from Frederick County, Va.

     Those present from a distance were Mr. Everett J. Nickerson and daughter, Frances, Riverside, Calif.; Rev. Samuel E. Collett and family, San Bernardino, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. John Babcock (Harriett Cossum) and family, Watertown, S. D.; Mrs. Anna E. Stockwell, Topeka, Kan.; and Mrs. Mary Browning VandenBerg and children, Milan, Mich.

     Those attending from Ohio represented 14 counties.

     Mrs. Abbie Collett Clapper of Dayton, a semi-invalid, was the oldest member of the Collett family present and Mr. B. M. McKay of New Burlington was the oldest member of the McKay family.

     The youngest member was Margaret Elizabeth Hess, 19-day-old great granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Haydock (Abbie Inwood).

     The register showed an attendance of 234 persons and, by request, Rev. Collett asked God's blessing on the group and gave thanks for the bountiful supply of food which had been prepared.

     The day was an ideal one for a picnic and the established custom of visiting was maintained with an interesting feature being a special table where the Collett and McKay charts, old pictures, and other articles of historic interest were on display.

     In the 90 years this picnic has been held it is notable that it has never been completely rained out. The Colletts and McKays have always met and enjoyed at least part of the day together.

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