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Newspaper article from 1938

72nd Annual Collett-McKay Picnic Is Held

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     The 72nd annual Collett-McKay picnic was held on the grounds owned and dedicated to the family meeting, which are beautiful land dotted with shade trees. An imposing entrance with memorial plates on the gateway marks the grounds.

     Two tables of photographs and curios, which created keen interest, were on display. There are never any programs at the picnic, no election of officers, or selecting a date for meeting. The families assemble the second Saturday in August, so that relatives and friends from all over the states know when and where it will be held each year.

     The time is spent in visiting and many linger on the grounds until almost dark.

     Those who registered this year were Mr. and Mrs. James J. Deady, Laura Kelly Pogue, Washington, D. C.; Mrs. W. H. Cossum, Sterling, Ill.; Ruth Haines, Brook, Ind.; Harriet Haines, Grand Rapids, Mich.; Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cossum, David, Harriet, Gene, Carolyn, and Edward, Columbus; William Howard Miller, Loudonville; Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Edwards, Carolyn and Lilia, G. C., Patricia, and James E. Baugh, Rowen Baugh, Frank L., Eliza H., James H. and Mary Emily Graham, Springfield; Warren and Emily I. Kester, Glendale; Charles, Emma, Lois Swindler, Louie, Henrietta, John and Mary Magee, Esther Darst, Mary Jane McKay, Virginia Magee, Edward, Helen, and Ruth Donohue, Dayton; Herbert and R. B. McKay, E. Collett and Martha Gastineau, Everett, Leigh, Velma, and Ellen Smith, Xenia; Daniel Collett, Edith Collett Scott, Milford.

     Hugh and Dr. George Collett, Crawfordsville, Ind.; Margaret Collett, Xenia; Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Jerome and Dudley Inwood, Middletown; Dianne Nickerson, Miamisburg; John C. Gertrude, Mary Elizabeth, and Fannie Browning, Washington C. H.; Homer G. and Merle M. and Dorothy M. Curless, Blanchester; Mary and Ella McKay Rowe, Jamestown; Howard, Edith, Robert T. R. Dale, Ila H. Evelyn, Donald S. and Harold McKay, Oregonia; Mary McCune Doster, William S., Esther, Howard and Robert Doster, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collett, Donald, Charles, and Eugene Collett, A. S. Cassie, Robert Collett, Ella Howard, Bertha and James H. Shambaugh, Waynesville; Byron, Hattie, Joan, Marilyn, and Nancy Leaser, Clarksville; Alice D. Collett, Noel, Virginia Collett Haines, Mary Virginia, Harriet Ann, and Robert Haines, Sabina; Mrs. Alice McKay Haines.

     Anna M. Collett, Estelle M. Haines, Eva McKay Kirk, Howard Lane, Howard Collett, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Babb, Mr. and Mrs. Emery R. Bales, Rev. and Mrs. R. T. Stimmel, Dr. Elizabeth Shrieves, Bess Ireton, Mr. and Mrs. George Pidgeon and daughter, Ellen Carter, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Magee, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Denny, John Denny, E. B. McKay, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Collett, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon R. Haines, Arthur Webster Haines, Robert M., Lucile M., and Roderick A. Hackney, Everett and Elizabeth Magee, Everett L. Baugh, Mabel Baugh, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Sherman, Gusta A. Sherman, Mrs. Abbie Haddock, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Terrell, Mary M. Terrell, Ella Pidgeon, Mr. and Mrs. Harry McKay, Mrs. Clarence T. Telfair.

     Ethel McCoy, Maynard McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Ellis, Willard and Dale Inwood, Lucile T. Gano, Everett Terrell, Jr., Harold S. Hackney, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace T. Collett and Jonathan, Flora Tibbals, Robert B. Hackney, Ruth Magee, Mary Catherine Magee, Phoebe Hudson, Joe Baugh, Rev. J. P. Thornbury and daughters, Barbara and Helen Rea, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Doster, James and Clifford Doster, Mary Haines, Janet Doster, Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Smart, Ernestine Moore, Harveysburg; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Ferguson, Hazel and Nancy Jane Lundy, Esther and Ann Mitchner, Harold N. and Marjorie Stanfield, Mrs. Hattie N. Inwood, Charles T., Ann, Mary E., Kathleene Inwood, Amy C. McIntire, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stanfield, Helen, Marjorie, and Harold Stanfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haines, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Albert McKay, Jeanette, Lois, Rosalie Ellen, Donald R., Lucy, and Robert McKay, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Lackey, Mae McKay, Laura McKay, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Inwood, Mrs. Mary E. Sayers, Anna E. Sayers, Clarence, Eugene, Leland, and Ada L. Graham, L. G. Shambaugh, Raymond Shambaugh, Georgia M., Elizabeth, and Maxine Keiter, Charles and Donald W. Haines, New Burlington; Donald Conklin, Wilmington.

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