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South Fork Meeting

This meeting was part of Fairfax Monthly Meeting and also Goose Creek Monthly Meeting.

This meeting was "indulged" by Fairfax Monthly Meeting in 1768. It is no longer in operation.

Below is some historical information from "Hopewell Friends History" and William Wade Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy".

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

p. 464; Volume VI (Fairfax Monthly Meeting)

A meeting for Worship was allowed as an indulged meeting in 1768 and was called South Fork Meeting, the meetings being at first held in the house of Isaac Votaw. This meeting was located about 6 or 7 miles south west of Lincoln, Virginia (the site of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting). It was on or near the South Fork of Beaverdam Creek. It was reported, by Yardley Taylor in 1853 as "still active". The old burial ground near the village of Unison marks the site of the meeting house. When Goose Creek Meeting was established as a monthly meeting in 1785 South Fork Meeting was assigned to it. The members of South Fork Meeting were pretty "worldly" and caused great "concern" to both Fairfax and Goose Creek Monthly Meeting. Many of the young men of South Fork Meeting "drank to excess", had many fights, gambled, indulged in "horse racing", and were lax morally; many were disowned.

p. 464; Volume VI (Goose Creek Monthly Meeting)
(A more detailed description shown below from Hinshaw's account of Goose Creek Meeting. Interesting though, that some of the dates do not match those in the paragraph above.)

An indulged meeting was allowed at South Fork located about 7 miles southwest of Goose Creek Meeting, Loudon Co., Va. about 1745. They built a meeting house on land purchased and paid for by members, and the meeting was well attended. The meeting house was 25 feet by 25 feet, on a lot of 10 acres, including the burial ground. A preparatory meeting was established in 12th month 1785 and this meeting opened satisfactorily, as reported at Goose Creek Monthly Meeting 30th of the 1st month 1786, but was discontinued by the quarterly meeting in 2nd month 1826, though the meeting for worship was kept up for some years thereafter. South Fork Meeting was a source of much concern to Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, almost every month complaints were laid against several of its members for more or less serious infractions of the rules of discipline, the complaints ranging from drinking, quarreling and fighting to marrying contrary to discipline and other grave accusations. In 1836 the meeting was reported as "very weak and low and that no regular meetings have been held there for some time"; so the meeting was laid down with the approval of Fairfax Quarterly Meeting 11th of 2nd month 1836.

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