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Potts Meeting
(later called Gap Meeting)

This meeting was part of Fairfax Monthly Meeting.

Below is some information about this meeting from "Hopewell Friends History" and William Wade Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy".

Hopewell Friend's History

p. 222; Places of Meetings

POTTS'S Friends' meeting was visited by Daniel Stanton in 1760. Other later references to it have been found. It was also known as the Gap Meeting, and was at or near Hillsboro, Loudoun Co., Va.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

p. 464-465; Volume VI (Fairfax Monthly Meeting)

GAP MEETING (originally called Potts Meeting): In 1759 Fairfax Monthly Meeting allowed an indulged meeting to be held at the house of Jonas Potts, located near Key's Gap (later called Vestal's Gap) which formed a passage way through the Blue Ridge Range leading into the verge of Hopewell Monthly Meeting; this meeting was better known as "The Gap" Meeting. The Gap Meeting was discontinued 26th of 6 month 1765 but was again indulged 28th of 11th month 1772 but did not last long; Gap Meeting was re-established 24th of 9th month 1788. At this time, by agreement between Fairfax Monthly Meeting and the newly organized Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, it was found that some members of Gap Meeting lived on one side of this line and some on the other side. In 1812 the Gap Meeting house was improved and used for a school house, and the meeting was laid down.

p. 610; Volume VI (Goose Creek Monthly Meeting)

In 12th month 1787 an indulged meeting was granted to Friends living at or near the Gap of the Short Hill by a joint action of Fairfax and Goose Creek Monthly Meetings, to be held during the winter season at the house of John Hollingsworth; since a part of the Friends living along this border line were members of Fairfax and a part were members of Goose Creek, this meeting was at first controlled jointly between the two monthly meetings. But later, matters became somewhat confused, and the meeting at the Gap was placed under permanent control of Fairfax Monthly Meeting by the quarterly meeting. Soon after the Gap Meeting was allowed, land was purchased and a log meeting house was built.

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