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Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting

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Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting
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(Baltimore YM)
455 Quaker Hill Road
Union Bridge, MD 21791
Phone: (301) 774-7663

This meeting was part of Fairfax Monthly Meeting.

Below is some information about this meeting from "Hopewell Friends History" and William Wade Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy".

Hopewell Friend's History

p. 222; Places Of Meetings

PIPE CREEK MEETING was in Carroll Co., Md., 40 miles west of Baltimore, and half a mile from Union Bridge Station.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

p. 464; Volume VI (Fairfax Monthly Meeting)

PIPE CREEK Meeting, Maryland: An indulged meeting was allowed by Fairfax Monthly Meeting at Pipe Creek, Frederick County (now Carroll County) Maryland in 1756; in 1759 Pipe Creek was allowed a preparative meeting of its own; in 1767 Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting was established and its members were set off from Fairfax Monthly Meeting, at which time all members of Fairfax who lived within the verge of Pipe Creek Preparative Meeting were transferred to Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting, as usual, without certificates of removal. Pipe Creek Meeting was located about 40 miles west of Baltimore, Maryland and a half a mile from Union Bridge Station.

Pipe Creek Friends Meeting
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