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Monocacy (Monoquecy, etc.) Meeting

This meeting was part of Fairfax Monthly Meeting.

Below is some information about this meeting from "Hopewell Friends History" and William Wade Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy".

Hopewell Friends History

p. 70; Meetings Within The Verge Of Hopewell

The Monocacy Valley is in Maryland, almost directly across the Potomac from Waterford (Fairfax Meeting) and Lincoln (Goose Creek). In 1726 a meeting for worship was settled at Monocacy, under the authority of New Garden; and in 1736 a meeting house was built and called Cold Spring. The preceding year, 1735, the Monocacy Friends had been recognized as a part of Hopewell Monthly Meeting. In 1744 when Fairfax Monthly Meeting was set up, Monocacy was put under the authority of Fairfax.

p. 220; Places Of Meetings

MONOQUACY, also written Monocacy, was on or near the Monocacy River, in Maryland. It was included in Hopewell Monthly Meeting until 1744. This meeting, for worship, was laid down in 1762.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

(Webmaster's note: Much of Monoquesy's early history is shared with Fairfax Monthly Meeting and Hopewell Monthly Meeting. See the first part of William Wade Hinshaw's sketch of Fairfax Monthly Meeting for more on this relationship.)

p. 465; Volume VI (Fairfax Monthly Meeting)

MONOQUESY: On the 28th of 4th month 1759 Monoquesy Meeting house burnt down. All sessions of Fairfax Monthly Meeting were thereafter held at Fairfax Meeting house; on 29th of 9th month 1759 it was reported tht Monoquesy Meeting House had been rebuilt; on 29th of 11th month 1760 Monoquesy Friends refused to meet in the new meeting house; on 30th of 1st month 1762 Monoquesy Preparative Meeting was laid down although meetings for Worship were continued until 28th of 4th month 1764 when Monoquesy Meeting was abandoned; on 30th of 8th month 1766 it was reported that Monoquesy Meeting house and burying ground was "laid waste"; on 27th of 9th month 1766 Monoquesy Friends set up a new meeting for themselves in violation of discipline, which caused much concern for a long time, but the meeting was again allowed to be held 31st of 10th month 1772; on the 26th of 8th month 1775 Monoquesy Meeting was consolidated with Pipe Creek Monthly Meeting. A new meeting at Monoquesy was granted 22nd of 3rd month 1783 and the meeting house was furnished with a youth's gallery.

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