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Crooked Run Monthly Meeting
(Now Nineveh Presbyterian Church)

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5872 Winchester Road
Front Royal, VA 22630
(Laid down)

Address is modern

Crooked Run Cemetery is located just off of US 522 near Cedarville in Warren County, Va. Originally the burying ground for the Crooked Run Meeting House which was attended by quite a few of Robert Mackay Sr.'s descendants this cemetery contains the graves of many of those who once worshipped there. The original meeting house is long gone. Later, a group of Presbyterians which included some of Robert Mackay's descendants built the present day Nineveh Presbyterian Church which occupies the location formerly occupied by the Crooked Run Meeting House. Some of Jacob Sowers Sr.'s descendants are also buried there.

Below are some historical sketches of the meeting from "Hopewell Friends History" and William Wade Hinshaw's "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy".

Hopewell Friends History

p. 74-76; Meetings Within The Verge Of Hopewell

The Friends' meeting at Crooked Run, a locality now in Warren County, Va., dated from 1758 or earlier. At Hopewell Monthly Meeting on the 4th day of the 8th month, 1760, was entered the following minute:

The friends liveing on Crooked Run haveing been for Several years past Indulgd by this monthly Meeting with Liberty of holding a meeting for Worship twice a week which hath been kept up to good Satisfaction and they Lately having built a new Meeting house and Seeming to Increase both in number and Strength they now desire This Meeting to make application to the Quarterly Meeting that their Meeting afforesaid be Established as a meeting for Worship Twice a week viz on first day and fourth day and they likewise request Liberty to hold a preparitive Meeting on the week day afforesaid. They Living about Twenty miels distance from this meeting all which we after deliberate Consideration Submit to the Quarterly Meeting for approbation.
William Reckitt made record of visiting Moses McKoy at or near Crooked Run in 1757, and of holding a meeting there. This might be regarded as an indication that the "Several years past" 1760 reached back to 1757 or earlier. In a report made at Hopewell in 1822 concerning titles to meeting-house properties it was stated that the 99-year lease for the meetinghouse lot at Crooked Run was three-fourths gone. This would fix beginnings there in or about 1748. It appears, however, that the calculation of 1822 was not accurately made, since the lease in question has been found on record in Winchester. It was made by Thomas Branson of Orange County, N.C., to John Painter of Frederick County, Va., and dated 6th month 1st, 1758, to run 99 years. It conveyed 4 acres of land on the southeast side of Crooked Run, "fora Friends' Meeting house & burying ground, for that use, and no other."

It is probable that there was an indulged meeting at Crooked Run much earlier than 1758.

Doubtless the request in 1760 for a preparative meeting at Crooked Run was granted. In the Hopewell record of the 3d day of 6th month, 1771, Crooked Run preparative is recognized in connection with a difficulty that Smith Creek Friends were having to agree upon a place for meeting. In 1772 Smith Creek Friends were directed to report to Crooked Run preparative meeting. In the spring of 1776 Hopewell approved a request of Crooked Run to hold their preparative meeting on 7th day constantly, preceding the monthly meeting at Hopewell, and their select meeting on 3d day after the monthly meeting, at the 10th hour of the day.

In 1781 a monthly meeting was established at Crooked Run, as appears from the following minutes at Hopewell:

The subject of a division in the monthly meeting coming under consideration which after a weighty deliberation thereon, Richard Ridgway, Sen., James Steer, William Pickering, Josiah Jackson, Abel Walker, Lewis Walker, James Mendinghall, & Anthony Lee are appointed to unite with Women Friends in a solid conference, with Centre and Mount Pleasant Friends, in order to have them united with Crooked Run friends, in a Division of the Monthly meeting as aforesaid and make report of their service, to next monthly meeting. 5th of 11th mo., 1781.
The Committee appointed to unite with Women Friends, with respect to the Division of the monthly meetings mostly met at Centre, with Centre and Mount Pleasant Friends, which after a solid conference with them on the subject, there appeared to be a pretty general concurrance in sentiment to unite with Crooked Run Friends in a Division of the monthly meeting to be held alternately at Crooked Run & Centre, with which this meeting concurs, and requests the clerk to forward the same to the Quarterly meeting. 29th of 11th mo., 1781.
Crooked Run preparative meeting had requested in the summer of 1780 that a monthly meeting be settled there.

At the time of this division of the meetings it is probable that the number of Friends living in the Shenandoah Valley totaled 1000 or more. Two or three years after the division the members of Hopewell Monthly Meeting appear to have numbered 600. This estimate is made upon the following data: On the 5th of 4th month, 1784, a Hopewell minute shows that "our proportion to the yearly meeting stock" was 6 pounds and 15 shillings, calculated on 22 shillings and 6 pence "to the hundred." Thus it would appear that the Hopewell membership was 600. Just what preparative meetings Hopewell included at that time may be uncertain. The preceding year, 1783, Hopewell raised a quota of 20 to forward to the quarterly meeting, and the committee apportioned the sum as follows: To Hopewell 12 pounds and 10 shillings; to Middle Creek 5 pounds and no shillings; and to Back Creek 2 pounds and 10 shillings; Virginia currency. If the 600 members of 1784 were all found at Hopewell, Middle Creek, and Back Creek, it is easily conceivable that the membership at Bullskin, Crooked Run, Smith Creek, Mt. Pleasant, Center, and elsewhere raised the total to 1000 or more.

p. 213; Places Of Meetings

CROOKED RUN Monthly Meeting was located near the village of Nineveh, now in Warren Co., Va., on the main road between Winchester and Front Royal; about 13 miles from the former and 7 from the latter place. A meeting house was built at Crooked Run prior to 1759. A monthly meeting was settled there in 1781-82. The Crooked Run Meeting was laid down in 1810--so few Friends attending. In 1812 selling the house was considered, but it was still held in 1828, though in bad condition. The site is now occupied by the Nineveh Presbyterian Church.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy

Crooked Run Meeting was located near the village of Nineveh about 13 miles south of Winchester. A meeting for worship was established in 1758 or earlier. A meeting house was built and a preparative meeting established in 1760.

In 1781 Hopewell Monthly Meeting was divided - a new monthly meeting being set up under the name of Crooked Run Monthly Meeting, which was ordered to meet alternately at Crooked Run and Centre. The first session of the new monthly meeting was held 5 month 29, 1782.

Crooked Run Monthly Meeting was laid down 5 month 18, 1807 and the members joined to Hopewell Monthly Meeting as Crooked Run Preparative Meeting. The preparative meeting was laid down 10 month 5, 1810.

Inferior meetings mentioned in the records as being embraced in Crooked Run Monthly Meeting include Crooked Run, Centre, Smith's Creek, Stafford, Southland, Mt. Pleasant and Culpeper.

Nineveh Presbyterian Church

Nineveh Presbyterian Church, Warren Co. VA

5872 Winchester Road
Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone: (540) 869-6422

Nineveh Presbyterian Church now occupies the location where Crooked Run Meeting House once stood.

Below is a photo of the plaque on the gate entering the Crooked Run (Nineveh) Cemetery.

Plaque on cemetery gate

Inscription reads:








The photos appearing on this page are provided courtesy of Ralph E. Shipp.

Nineveh Presbyterian Church
Newspaper article from The Warren Sentinel dated Thursday, 4 October 1973

Heritage Day At Nineveh Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
Pamphlet of information that was passed around during the Heritage Day celebration on 10 Oct 2010.

Nineveh Presbyterian Church
Official website

A list of some of the people buried here.

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