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Hattill Varman Record

Hattill Varman, born: 1670; Co. Wexford, Ireland; died: 27 12mo 1747; buried: Leacock MM Cem., Lancaster Co. PA; Possibly a son of Henry & Elizabeth Varman?; See his Find A Grave entry.

Hattill, married: Abigail Sandwith?, died: 14 3mo 1760; Possibly dau. of William Sandwith & Joan Harrison?; See her Find A Grave entry.

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

They came from Cooladine MM, Co. Wexford, Ireland, certificate dated 2d mo. (April), 28th., 1728. Recieved 3rd mo. (May) 31, 1729. New Garden MM. They settled in Leacock Township, Lancaster Co. Pa.

They are the progenitors of this record. The names of Hattill & Abigail's possible parents comes from the book "The Descendants of David Steere & Phebe Milhous; Further documentaion is needed to determine whether or not this is the case.

Issue:  Varman

  • Mary, Mary, married: 7 10mo 1733; Leacock MM, Lancaster Co. PA; John Beeson, of Leacock; Son of Richard Beeson; According to Immigration of Irish Quakers, Mary was received into Newark or Kennett MM, on a certificate dated 8 1mo 1729 or 30 from Monthly Meeting at Cooladine, probably in County Wexford, Ire. She was again received on a certificate from Ireland on 24 4mo 1732.
  • William,
  • Grace, born: 21 4mo 1717; died: 14 3mo 1794; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Eleanor, Eleanor, married: 5 3mo 1747; Leacock MM, Lancaster Co. PA; Moses Brinton, Son of Joseph Brinton;
  • Sarah, Sarah, married: John Lowe, Sarah, married 2nd: 11 7mo 1751; Lampeter MM, PA; John Parks, Son of Richard Parks of Goshen;

Source info:  Steer Genealogy, p. 2; Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, p. 160, 161, 343 (#1), 344 (#1), 353 (see biog. info.); Quaker Marriage Certificates, New Garden MM, p. 59 (#1 Marriage Cert.); The Descendants of David Steere & Phebe Milhous, p.iii;