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William Strother Record

William Strother, born: ca. 1627; died: ca. 1702;

William, married: Dorothy Savage?, living in 1716; Dau. of Capt. Anthony Savage?;

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

William is said to be the immigrant ancestor of our Strother family. A society of his descendants exists which is called The William Strother Society, Inc.. A comprehensive three volume genealogy on William Strother and his descendants has been published by the society. It is the primary resource for information in this record.

Issue: Strother

  • William II, born: 1653; King George Co. VA; died: 1726; King George Co. VA; Continued elsewhere.
  • James, died: 1716; Will was prob. in Richmond Co. VA, devises property to brother Joseph, his mother being one of the witnesses to the will.
  • Jeremiah, born: 1655; Westmoreland Co. VA; died: 1741; Culpeper Co. VA; Continued elsewhere.
  • Robert, born: 1680; Rappahannock Co. VA; died: 1735; King George Co. Va; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Benjamin, born: ca. 1680; Richmond Co. (now King George) VA; died: ca. 1752; King George Co. VA; Continued elsewhere.
  • Joseph, born: 1684; died: ca. 1766; Continued elsewhere.

Source info: Descendants of William Strother I, King George Co. VA, Vol. 1. (see index); William Strother of Virginia and his descendants, p. 2-3;