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Jacob Sowers Sr. Record

Jacob Sowers Sr., born: ca. 1710; died: 1781; Frederick Co. VA;

Jacob, married: Mary (unknown), born: ca. 1720; died: Frederick Co. VA;

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

See Jacob's Last Will and Testament.

It isn't certain where our Jacob Sowers Sr. actually came from. It has been said he was from Germany. The family were originally members of the German Reformed Church which was located in what is now Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester, VA adjacent to the ruins of the old Lutheran Church and it's surrounding graveyard. The graveyard of The German Reformed Church is still there. His daughter-in-law Catherine (wife of Daniel) is buried here. However, later generations, particularly Daniel's branch of the family were unquestionably Baptist and were primarily affiliated with Old Bethel Baptist Church in southeastern Clarke County, Va. near Millwood. I also believe the name has been spelled as 'Sower' in some early records.

Issue: Sowers

  • Jacob Jr., born: ca. 1742; Frederick Co. VA; died: 1822; Frederick Co. VA;
  • John, born: ca. 1744; died: 1813; Frederick Co. VA;
  • Daniel, born: ca. 1748; Frederick Co. VA; died: 1815; Frederick Co. VA; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Elizabeth, born: ca. 1750; Frederick Co. VA; died: 1809; Frederick Co. VA;
  • Susanna, born: ca. 1752; Frederick Co. VA; married: (unknown) Williams, Nothing further known.

Source info: A Tabulated Genealogy of the Family of Jacob and Mary Sowers of Virginia (by Dee Ann Buck), p.2-3;