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Isaac Parkins Record

Isaac Parkins, born: ca. 1699; died: 2 3mo 1774; Frederick Co. VA;

Isaac, married: ca. 1723; Mary Booth, born: 15 3mo 1706; died: possibly Frederick Co. VA;

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Biography will be added later.

All chn. of above were born in Frederick Co. VA.

Issue: Parkins

  • Rachel, born: 23 3mo 1724; died: 10 9mo 1805; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Ebenezer, born: 30 12mo 1724;
  • Lydia, born: 22 1mo 1726;
  • Charles, born: 29 3mo 1727; Charles, married: 4 2mo 1748; Patience Milbourn, dau. of John Milbourn & Elizabeth Chapman; They later moved to SC.
  • Phebe, born: 14 2mo 1729; Phebe, married?: James Wright, born: 8 1mo 1718; died: 1760; son of James Wright & Mary Davis; (James, married 1st: Luce.. (unknown),) James was listed as having 2 chn. Unknown if they were from his 1st or 2nd marriage. His father James was listed in J. Richard Buckey's book as one of the "Fathers of the Colony" and further data on his family is also there.
  • Amy, born: 23 11mo 1731;
  • Jonathan, born: 26 3mo 1733; Orange (now Frederick) Co. VA; died: 10 9mo 1804; Winchester, VA; This is the webmaster's line.
  • David, born: 31 1mo 1735;
  • Thomas, born: 1mo 1737;
  • Elizabeth, born: 3 9mo 1738;
  • Hannah, born: 9mo 1740;
  • Mary, born: 9mo 1742;
  • Isaac Jr., born: 11mo 1746; died: 15 2mo 1829; Frederick Co. VA; buried: Hollingsworth, Parkins, Henrys Cem.., Frederick Co. (now Winchester City), VA;
  • Ruth, born: 6mo 1748;
  • One of their daughters married a Barrett where in Isaac's will is mentioned a grandson John Barrett.

Isaac, married 2nd: Esther (unknown),

Isaac, married 3rd: Grace (unknown),

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