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Rush Marshall Record

Rush Marshall, died: 1789; Hanover Parish, King George Co. VA; son of William Marshall & Mary Bartlett;

Rush, married: 23 Nov 1779; Stafford Co. VA; Joanna Pede, born: between: 1750-1760; died: 1826;

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Widow Joanna Pede Marshall with her children moved to Frederick (now Clarke) Co. VA and settled on top of the mountain above Ashby's Gap, near Paris, VA in the 1790s. Subsequently the mountain property became known as Liberty Hill. It is believed that Joanna moved there with her brother-in-law Moses Green and his family who settled nearby. There were three homes built on the mountain, Joanna Pede Marshall built on the eastern part overlooking Paris; the foundations of the house, barn were still discernable in 1939. Originally it had a double row of chestnut trees bordering the road to it. Directly west of this house overlooking the Shenandoah Valley was the original O'Rear place. In the 1930's it was in the posession of descendant Alfred Green. Slightly to the north stood John Marshall's house that was torn down and moved to near Berryville, VA.

There is also in Fauquier County the family of Chief Justice John Marshall whose name shows up on internet searches, however at this time I cannot find a connection between his Marshall family and ours.

Issue: Marshall

  • James Pede, born: 21 Jan 1780; King George Co. VA; died: 25 Oct 1826; Liberty Hill, Clarke Co. VA;
  • Thomas, born: ca. 1781;
  • Elizabeth, born: ca. 1788; died: Mar 1872; Clarke Co. VA; Elizabeth, married: Jesse O'Rear, born: 26 Apr 1779; died: 18 Jun 1833; Son of Benjamin O'Rear and Mary "Molly" Catlett;
  • Nancy, born: ca. 1784; Possibly King George Co. VA; died: between 1840-1845; Clarke Co. VA; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Mary, born: 1 Jan 1786; died: 4 Oct 1862;

Source info: Julie Schmees;