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My Y-DNA profile number is 3KJFW. DT9Z8 is another Robert Mackay descendant and it is suspected that 7ZPVG may also prove to be a Robert Mackay descendant. 5SA8X and PBCTH are also Robert Mackay descendants. The 2nd table is the two remaining matches that do not have Y-search accounts. They are listed with their testing website plus their surname. I believe that ftDNA McKay may prove to be a Robert Mackay descendant but I do not have any further information on him. 2N9PD is a descendant of Moses Key and would therefore connect with Robert Mackay's ancestors sometime prior to Robert's birth. It is also believed that ftDNA Kee also will connect back to Robert's ancestors. QZ6U2 is a descendant of a George ancestor from Wales. Nothing else is known other than he scored a 12/12 match with me on my initial test. Either it's a random occurrance that his lineage matched on those 12 allelles and will likely not match on further testing, or perhaps he may also stem from the same root that our Robert Mackay Sr. and the Kee/Key ancestors come from and his lineage eventually took on the name George for some reason. XVMPU is unknown to me so far. I believe it could be an abstract based on remains of a person found in Scotland.

I tried to move the lower table to the right some so that the allelles are lined up with the allelles in the upper table. Please note, that the allelles 461, 441, 463, are not listed in the lower table so those numbers are not matched with any of the numbers in the lower table.

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