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Johann Jacob Hoefelbauer Record

Johann Jacob Hoefelbauer,

Johann, married: Catherina (unknown),

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Information on this partial genealogy record came from an old genealogy called "Hoefelbauer, Heffelbower, Heflybower & Allied Families. Not too sure of the accuracy of this genealogy.

Two known children were recorded in this book.

Issue: Hoefelbauer

  • Philip Jacob, born: 23 Sep 1718; Nordheim, Wurttemburg, Germany; died: 5 Mar 1757; Continued elsewhere.
  • Jeorge Balthas, born: 27 Sep 1724; Nordheim, Wurttemburg, Germany; died: 29 Dec 1774; Frederick Co. MD; buried: Frederick Co. MD; This is the webmaster's line.

Source info: Hoefelbauer Genealogy, #1;