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Thomas Calvert Record

Thomas Calvert, born: 1617; Lygasory, near Lurgon, Co. Armagh, Ire.; died: 17 12mo 1685; Stranmillis, near Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ire.; (Son of John Calvert, b.ca.1587or9; bd. Friends Burial Ground in Moyraverty; & Grace (unknown));

Thomas, married: 11 9mo 1647; Co. Antrim, Ire.; Jane Glassford, Dau. of Hugh Glassford & Margaret (unknown) of Stanmillis, near Belfast, Ire.;

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

John Calvert moved from Moorsham, Yorkshire Eng. to Northern Ireland before 1617 and settled in Lurgan Co. Armagh, Ire. Possibly kin to Lord Baltimore.

Jane Glassford had a brother (name unknown.)

For further biography on this family see Farmer's book (see index for locations of data) Also further biography found in J. Richard Buckey's Calvert Genealogy.

He could have had a brother Leonard born: ca. 1618; died: af. 1655) who was bd. in Friends Burial Ground in Moyraverty & a sister Mary who was married at his house. Both were mentioned on p. 19 in J. Richard Buckey's book. Further data on this family was obtained from J. Richard Buckey's book and Thelma L. Shope. According to Thelma L. Shope Thomas died in Pa. Dates are in "old-style" as recorded in the Quaker records. This is the compiler of Vol. 5a's line.

Issue: Calvert

  • John, born: 6 8mo 1648; Stranmillis, near Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ire.; died: 23 9mo 1699; Philadelphia, PA;
  • Ann, born: ca. 9 mo 1650; Killwarlin, near Hillsbrough, County Down, Ire.; died: 17 10mo 1697; Carrcroft, Brandywine, DE;
  • Margaret, born: 24 4mo 1661; Killurgan, Parish of Sego, County Armagh, Ireland; died: 1 8mo 1687; New Castle Co. DE; buried: New Castle Co. DE; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Elizabeth, born: 26 4mo 1664; Co. Armagh, Ire.; Elizabeth, married: 25 10mo 1701; Ballyhagen MM, Co. Armagh, Ire.; Thomas Toppen, born: Ballyhagen, Co. Armagh, Ire.;

Source info: Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, see index (see biog. info.); In America since 1607. The Hollingsworth, Farmer, & Judkins Families, see index for pages (see biog. info.); The Calverts Who Were Quakers, p. 19;