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Archibald Brownley Record

Archibald Brownley, born: 1764; died: 1805; See his Find A Grave entry.

Archibald, married: ca. 1790; Elizabeth "Betsey" Mitchell, born: 9 Nov 1772; Frederick (now Clarke) Co. VA; died: 13 Mar 1845; Frederick (now Clarke) Co. VA; buried: formerly in Mackay-Smith Farm Cem., Warren Co. VA but later removed to Old Bethel Church Cem., Clarke Co. VA; See her Find A Grave entry.

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Betsey is often referred to in Old Bethel Records as "Old Widow Brownley".

Issue: Brownley

  • Sarah "Sallie" D., born: 29 Oct 1792; Frederick Co. VA; died: 19 Jan 1858; buried: Brownley-Mitchell Cem., Warren Co. VA; (later removed to Old Bethel Church Cem., Clarke Co. VA); This is the webmaster's line.
  • Emelia "Emily", Continued elsewhere.
  • Frances "Fanny", died: 1877; Madison Co. VA; Continued elsewhere.
  • John, born: 10 May 1798; died: 1847; Clarke Co. VA;
  • Ann "Nancy", born: 15 Feb 1800; died: 19 Nov 1877; Continued elsewhere.
  • William, born: 1800; Frederick Co. VA; died: 23 Jul 1840; Clarke Co. VA;
  • Elizabeth, born: 1 Mar 1802; Frederick Co. VA; died: 1847; Clarke Co. VA;

Source info: Dee Ann Buck;