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Thomas Branson Record

Thomas Branson, born: 18 Feb 1671; Burlington Co. NJ; died: Burlington Co. NJ;

Thomas, married: ca. 4 Oct 1702or3; Burlington Co. NJ; Elizabeth Day, born: 20 Nov 1685; Burlington Co. NJ; Dau. of John & Elizabeth (Harvey) Day;

John Day was born in Ashwell, Hertfordshire, England & married before 1684 to Elizabeth Harvey. They had three daughters: Mary (who died young), Elizabeth (mentioned above), & Sarah (who married 21 Sep 1706 to Edward Barton).

All chn. of above were born in New Jersey.

Issue: Branson

  • Elizabeth, born: ca. 1707; died: ca. 1771; Burlington Co. NJ; Continued elsewhere.
  • David, born: ca. 1708; Continued elsewhere.
  • Thomas Jr., born: ca. 1711; died: ca. 1792; Guilford Co. NC; Continued elsewhere.
  • Joseph, born: ca. 1715; Continued elsewhere.
  • John, born: ca. 1718; died: 1770; Frederick Co. VA;
  • Jonathan, born: 20 Sep 1720; Monmouth Co. NJ; died: 16 Mar 1799; Monmouth Co. NJ; Continued elsewhere.
  • Mary, born: ca. 1722; Continued elsewhere.
  • Day, born: ca. 1724; Continued elsewhere.
  • Sarah, born: ca. 1726; Continued elsewhere.
  • Lionel, born: ca. 1728; died: 1811; Frederick Co. VA;
  • William, born: ca. 1730; Burlington Co. NJ; died: ca. 1801; Stafford Co. VA;

Source info: Lehew, Branson & Millar Families (by Dee Ann Buck) Vol. 18 (History of the Robert Mackay Sr. Family), p. 79-80;