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Thomas Antrim Record

Thomas Antrim, born: ca. 1607; Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; died: before 24 Jan 1662; Salem, Essex Co., MA;

Thomas, married: 24 May 1630 (24d 2mo 1630) (Julian) 24 July 1630 (24d 7mo 1630) (Gregorian); St. Edmunds Church of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; Jane Batter,

These are the webmaster's ancestors.

Dee Ann Buck writes:

I did view the L.D.S. #1279413 "Church Records 1607-1837 for St. Edmunds Church of Wiltshire, England." And the date on this parish record matches the date found on the L.D.S./I.G.I for Thomas Antrim of Wiltshire, England. Unfortunately this parish record did not have Thomas' birth record. If Thomas' parents were married and lived in the parish of St. Edmund, then the following Antrim marriages took place in this same location. George Antrim married 23 May 1608 to Joane Markendale. John Antrim married 22 Sep 1600 to Christian Vinying. Thomas Antrim married 25 Sep 1598 to Elizabeth Focher. It is possible that one of the above couples were Thomas' parents. Thomas and his wife left Salisbury, England for Boston, Mass, in the ship "James" arrived 3rd of June 1635 Their children's birth dates found on L.D.S/I.G.I of Massachusetts. They were born in Salem, Essex Co. Massachusetts. Thomas Antrim died before 24 Jan 1662 Salem, Essex Co. Massachusetts.

The reader can purchase Harriet Stockton Antrim's book called Antrim Family of America, copyright 1899. Needless to say the book is not up to date, but it will give the reader a good starting place for finding one's Antrim ancestor in the family tree. Any large public library should have William Wade Hinshaw--Encvclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, which contains Antrim family information. The books of William Nelson should also be consulted. The book Hopewell Friends History 1734-1934 has information about the Antrim family of Virginia and has records of the ones who left the state for Ohio, Illinois, etc.... The L.D.S. library does have on microfilm the various Quaker meetings record for all over the United States. It is from these microfilms that copies of some of the early New Jersey marriage records were obtained for this tabulated genealogy. I am afraid that I do not have any good family tales about the Antrim family, and what good biographical information I have on the descendants of Elizabeth (Antrim) McKay pertains to the McKay Family descendants. This work can only offer to the reader names of individuals and hopefully birth, marriage, & death dates. This study of the Antrim family has 1269 known descendants of Thomas & Jane (Batter) Antrim. I am aware that the surname Antrim was spelled as Antram by John Antram (#4) and his sons, and sometimes a "o" or "u" was used, but today the name is generally spelled as Antrim. For the sake of conformity, in this tabulated genealogy I have spelled the surname as Antrim.

Issue: Antrim

  • Obadiah A., born: 7 6mo 1640; died: 'Death At Sea', West Indies; Obadiah, married: 1665; Martha Baker, No further information.
  • Mary, born: 16 7mo 1643; Mary, married: Isaac Burnap, No further information.
  • John, born: 29 1mo 1646; died: 1719; Northampton, Burlington Co. NJ; buried: 30 5mo 1719; This is the webmaster's line.
  • Abigail, born: ca. 1648; Abigail, married: 1677; John Phelps, No further information.
  • James, born: ca. 1657; died: 1736; Mansfield Twp., Burlington Co. NJ;

Source info: Ancestry of Elizabeth Antrim (by Dee Ann Buck) Vol. 16 (The Robert Mackay Sr. Family History), p. 2-3;