Partial Genealogy Records

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Listed Below are some partial records of families that are featured in the first three sections of The Robert Mackay Clan website.  The purpose of these records is to show the pedigrees of the various people whose photographs and/or wills and other documents are featured in this website.  This will help give the reader a better understanding of the person's kinship within the family.

Please note that these are partial genealogy records.  Their only purpose is to connect those individuals as mentioned above.   All other lines will be listed as "continued elsewhere".

The families featured are listed here below.  They are divided according to the section that they are featured in.

McKay Side
Steer (Robinson) Side
Robert Mackay Clan Links and Information

* Robert Mackay Sr. Record *

Andrew Job Sr. Record

Ridgeway Record

Wright Record

Thomas Antrim Record

LeHew Record

William Branson Record

The Steer Genealogy

* Isaac Steer Record *

* Hattill Varman Record *

Jackson Record

Robinson Record

Valentine Hollingsworth Record

Thomas Calvert Record

Isaac Parkins Record

Charles Booth Record

Thomas Conoway Record

James Moore Record

James Smith Record

The Bethel Memorial, Incorporated

Johann Jacob Hoefelbauer Record

Jacob Sowers Sr. Record

John Brownley Record

Col. Cary Mitchell Record

Richard Timberlake Record

William Davis Record

William Kerfoot Record

The Ferguson Family of Paris, Fauquier County, Virginia

John Ferguson Record

Rush Marshall Record

William Strother Record

Henry Berry Record

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Partial Genealogy Records
of Maverick's Corner
(Jenkins, Entsminger & related families)

Keiter, Mowrey and Related Family Records

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