Suas Leis a' Ghàidhlig

Up with the Gaelic. Gàidhlig or Scottish Gaelic is the original language of the Clan Mackay. Most people in the Clan Mackay probably speak English now but no matter what language we may speak, Gàidhlig will always be the original language of the Clan for that is the language of the culture from which we sprang and is an important part of the identity of the Clan Mackay.

It is unknown whether Robert Mackay Sr. spoke or understood Gàidhlig or not. His will was written in English.

Below are links to some Gàidhlig and Highland Scottish related websites. Most of these sites were gleaned from a 'Yahoo' search and provide excellent information about Gàidhlig and on learning the language as well as some aspects of Highland Scottish culture.

Links to Gàidhlig & Highland Scottish related sites on the Web

The Celtic Guide

Clannada na Gadelica
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The Celtic League
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UK Birth Certificates
Official UK Birth, Marriage and Death certificates, delivered worldwide to your door.

Rampant Scotland Directory!
12,000+ Scottish-related Links, regularly updated.

Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust
Scotland's Online Resource Centre for Celtic Studies

The Gaelic Language in North America - ACGA

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

Fàilte gu Sabhal Mòr Ostaig

Gàidhlig Learners Resource

The Gaelic Books Council
Comhairle nan Leabhraichean

Gaelic Languages Info

Gaelic Harps & Harpers in Ireland & Scotland
by The Honourable Robert Ruadh of the Isles

Gàidhlig 4 U

Slighe nan Gaidheal

Comhairle Na Gàidhlig
The Gaelic Council Of Nova Scotia

Am Bràighe
Visit their discussion forum

Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail Home Page

A Gàidhlig music band


The Scottish Gaelic Learners Association

K. L. Ussery's Homepage

Learner's Scottish Gaelic Homepage

Gaelic-English Dictionary

Scottie Dogg's Homepage

Global Gaeltalk

William Knox-Pan-Celtic Phrasebook

Rogue's Gallery

Amanda's Celtic Cavern and Anglican Forum
A website created by Amanda. It contains numerous discussion forums about a variety of subjects

The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
A news magazine published by the Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library

Bloody Culloden
Remembering the Battle of Culloden

The Potomac Celtic Festival

The Thistle & Shamrock

UHA, Ultimate Heavy Athletics
Bringing traditional Highland Heavy Athletics to television!

Mary Jane Lamond
A traditional Gaelic singer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Travel Scotland On A Personalised Small Group Tour

WebEcosse.com is a club for Scotland, about Scotland, for those who love coming to Scotland.

Clothing of the Ancient Celts: A Guide to Celtic Costume

Maps of Scotland

The regions of Galicia and Asturia in northwestern Spain have a Celtic heritage. This link has information on some of the musical groups from Asturia.

Tartan TV
'Tartan TV is a new internet television station which takes the 90 million international Scots (yes, there are that many of us!) back to the very heart of our homeland.'

Breton Language website

Clansman Knitwear

Vintage Ireland

Uniform Accessories & Scottish Jewelry

Clanne Preachain
Celtic Reinactment group. Responsible for the 'Tuathe Preachain' settlement at the Potomac Celtic Festival. Old homepage.

An t-Alltan Dubh
Duilleag Nèill Mac Eòghainn

United Kingdom
European Regional Directory

Music from Scotland
Instant download of MP3 files from Scotland.


Sterling Silver Kilt Pins and Penannular Brooches

Virtual Hebrides

Hebrides.com - Photographs

A guide to writing systems.
Celtic languages: (Gàidhlig, Gaelige, Gaelg Vanninagh, Cymraeg, Kernewek/Kernuack, Ar Brezhoneg) Non Celtic languages used by Celtic peoples: (English, Gallego, Asturianu)

Rudy Ramsey's Celtic Pages
Contains links to Celtic themed radio stations and programmes.

English traditions, customs and Culture

Irish dictionary online

Warlinenn - The Cornish Language Online

Scottish Books from Scotland
New, used and out of print Scottish books from the west of Scotland.

Highland 2007
celebrating highland culture
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