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Welcome to our message boards. Feel free to post on any of these forums and/or make use of our chat room.

If you wish to send me a private message just e-mail me at steer_family@hotmail.com.

If you have any photos or documents you wish to send me please send them to mckyrbnsn@yahoo.com.

If you have any genealogical queries or requests for looking up information please post it on the 'Discussion Forum'. If you send me a private email containing a query or a lookup I cannot guarantee that I will have the information you seek or that I can reply quickly. The chances are much greater that you will make contact with the one who has the information you seek if you post it on the forum rather than having me looking it up for you.

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These forums contain articles from published sources concerning members of our family, mostly these are obituaries, birth announcements & marriage and engagement announcements which are of course submitted by family members and/or funeral homes. There are occasional newspaper stories about family members that are reprinted here as well. This link hopefully will help cover the usage of such stories here.

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  Discussion Forum
This is a discussion forum for the official website of the Robert Mackay Clan. Please feel free to post your thoughts, questions, comments, etc. for others to see and/or respond to.
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  What's Cooking?
Post your favourite recipes (old and new) here. They do not have to be limited to just food. Recipes for soap making & home remedies that our ancestors have used as well as anything else are also welcomed.
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  Flowers of the Forest
For posting of obituaries and memorials for those who have passed on.
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  Special Announcements
For posting of weddings, births or other special announcements that you would like to share.
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  The Humour Section
If you have a joke or funny story that you think others would enjoy reading please post it here. We also welcome inspirational stories as well.
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  Chatroom Last Message Visitors
  The Robert Mackay Clan (Chat Room)
A Chat room for the official website of The Robert Mackay Clan. A place where visitors can talk live with one another.
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  Special Messages Last Message Visitors
  Merry Christmas Greetings
Every Christmas, as your webmaster, I always like to post a Christmas greeting. Even though the Message Boards are closed I still wish to continue this tradition.
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