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Part 1
Officers: (in rank order)
Mandley T. Wheatley - Wm. A. Compton
Privates: (in partial alphabetical order)
Allen, Arch - Manks, Horace

Part 2
Privates: (in partial alphabetical order)
Martin, George W. - end of report.

Part 1

Commissioned Officers:

Mandley T. Wheatley (Capt. & Maj. died
Baily T. Jacobs (1st Lt. & Capt., killed)
R.D. Funkheriser (3rd Lt. & Capt.)
John B. Updike (2nd Lt. & Capt.)
Non Commissioned Officers:

John G. Brown (Col. Sergeant & Lt. 2nd)
Emery V. Boyd (Sergeant & Lt., killed)
Wm. A. Compton (Sergeant Comm. Brigade
Sharp Shooter)

Allen, Arch
Allen, John
Atwood, Luther G. (killed)
Atwood, Samuel (died in hospital)
Baker, Lewis D. (made sergeant)
Barbee, John T. (died in hospital)
Barbee, John S.
Beaty, Wm. A.
Bennett, Henry
Bennett, John (killed)
Blackwood, Robert (died in hospital)
Bolen, Frank H. (made Sergeant)
Bolen, Newten L.
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Henry J.
Cave, James
Cave, Elijah (died in Breastworks)
Claig, John T. (killed)
Claig, Parkinson
Cornwell, Alphacus
Cornwell, Inman
Compton, J.B. (made Sergeant, transferred
to 35th Bat. VA Cav.)

Privates (cont.)

Corder, Simeon
Coulter, Wm.
Darnell, Jameson
Darr, Scott
Day, Samuel
Eastham, John J.
Eshelman, Samuel P.
Fish, James (died)
Fletcher, Addison
Fox, Anthony
Fox, George W. (lost a leg)
Fox, John
Fox, Thomas
Foster, John R.
Fristoe, Thomas M. (killed)
Funk, Jesse T. (transferred to Co. D 23rd VA
Garmong, Theophelus (killed)
Garrett, Newman
Gore, DeWitt
Gorden, Oliver Arnold (killed)
Grove, Wm. (killed)
Hall, George (killed)
Hall, John (killed)
Henry, John J.
Henry, John W.
Henry, Marcus
Henry, Moses
Hoffman, George (killed)
Hoffman, John W.
Holder, Richard
Holder, Wm.
Hough, Alphaeus
Hoskins, Henry
Jett, Luther
Jones, Wm.
Lovelace, Richard
Leach, Wm. (killed)
Manks, Horace (killed)

Part 2

Privates (cont.)

Martin, George W.
Martin, W.S.
Mathews, James M.
Mathews, Robert J.
Mauck, Wm. T.
McFarland, Wm. A.
McFarland, Robert
Mills, Charles E.
Mills, Henry
Mills, James W.
Mills, Marcus
Pomeroy, Thomas M. (killed)
Ridenour, John W.
Ridgeway, Wm. H. (killed)
Rinker, J.M. (died)
Robertson, Daniel
Rudacille, George W. (killed)
Santmyer, Isaac
Snapp, Morgan
Stokes, James W.
Stokes, John
Stokes, Richard
Sealock, C.
Sealock, James
Sumption, John T. (lost an arm)
Vaught, George (killed)
Vincent, Richard (killed)
Vincent, Wm. (killed)
Walker, James H.
Walter, John W. (made Sergeant)
Wharton, Walton G.
William, David R.

End of the listing of soldiers for CO. D 49th
VA Infantry, compiled from State of VA
Reel 18 Warren Co. VA Muster Rolls pages
18-20, as list appeared. By D. A. Buck

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