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The Last Will & Testament of John W. Sowers

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          I give to my son H. Wise Sowers my gold watch. I give to executors hereinafter named the sum of one thousand to be invested by them, and the annual interest arising from it, to be paid by them to my daughter, Martha V. Sowers, as a separate estate, free from the debts or contract of her husband, upon the death of my said daughter, said sum of thousand dollars is to be equally divided among her children then living, and the descendants of such as may have died, such descendants to take the share of their deceased parents. I give to Judson G. Kerfoot fifty dollars in consideration of his great kindness to me during my sickness. I have advanced to each of my children the sum of five thousand dollars which is to be charged to them, and the children of my deceased son James, in the division of my estate, but without interest. I have paid debts of my deceased son James Sowers in excess of all funds that came into my hands, aggretating $5,325, which sum with interest I charge against the sum hereinafter left his children by this will....I have paid surety for my daughter Martha's husband, George H. Sowers.

          I desire my estate to be divided between my five children now living and by the children of my deceased son James. The share of my estate hereby given to my daughter Alice Laws, wife of C.D. Laws. I devise to my executors hereinafter named upon the following trust: to pay the annual income arising from it to my daughter free from control of her husband, during her life, at her death the body of the fund is to be equally divided among her children then living, and the descendants of such as may have died. If in the judgment of my executors, the comfort of my daughter Alice shall require the use of a part of the principal of the trust fund then in that event as much as may be needed shall be paid to her out of the principal. If after the reimbursement of my estate of all money paid by me as surety for the husband of my daughter Martha anything is left to her, it is to be held in trust by executors, the interest arising from it to be paid her during her life, and the principal to be divided among her children at death.

          In the event of my daughter Alice dying, leaving no issue surviving her, that share of my estate is to be returned to it and be subject of division among my other legatees. I hereby appoint John F. Sowers and H. Wise Sowers executors of this my will.

John W. Sowers

Witnesses: Thomas M. Lewis
A. Moore, Jr.

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