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The Last Will & Testament of Catherine Sowers

See Catherine's family record.

          This is to certify that I Catherine Sowers Relict of Daniel Sowers, Dec'd being in full possession of my ordinary and natural intellects having a desire to devise and will my properties I have in possession and that is legally mine to will and devise I therefore appoint my two sons James and William Sowers my legal Executors.

          Item 2nd That my legal Executors immediately after my Decease make arrangement to carry into Execution the following items of this my last Will and Testament:

          3th That all my just Debts, be paid and fully discharged.

          4th I will and devise to my son James Sowers my Negro Woman Dinah and young child Harriet.

          5th I will and devise to my Daughter Lydia Kerfoot my Negro Woman Margaret.

          6th I will and devise to my son Fielding L. Sowers my Negro man Harry and Eight Day Clock and the two Bonds, that was given to me in the Division of the Estate of my deceased Husband amounting to about Fifteen Hundred Dollars the two Bonds was put into his possession some time since by me at a time I was sick on condition that the said Fielding L. Sowers has no charge against my Estate for anything I have recieved of him or that he may hereafter claim.

          7th That I will and devise to my Daughter Mary Ann Bonham, two hundred Dollars to be paid in twelve Months after my Decease out of any money that may come into the Hands of my Executors belonging to my Estate.

          Item 8th That I will and devise to my Son William Sowers my Negro Man Peter and Negro Woman Peggy and Negro Boy Elleck.

          9th I will and devise that the legal Interest of two Hundred and fifty Dollars be paid to Hannah Hutchinson yearly during her natural life and that the above Sum of two Hundred and fifty Dollars be retained in the Hands of my Executor for that the above purpose.

          10th I will and devise that all the Balance of my Estate both Real and Personal be sold at Public Auction by my Executors and equally divided between my two Sons James and WIlliam Sowers.

          11th I will and devise that my Executors James and William Sowers shall not be bound to give Security for their performance.

          12th And Lastly I will and devise that I freely execute and set my Hand and Seal to all and each of the Items in the within and above state in this my last Will and Testament given and under my Hand and Seal this 29th Day of December One thousand Eight Hundred and thirty Eight and in the 62 Year of American Independence.

Catherine Sowers

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