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The Last Will & Testament of John Sowers

See John's family record.

          In the name of God Amen. I John Sowers of the county of Frederick and State of Virginia being weak in body but in the enjoyment of my mental faculties considering the certainty of human life I having regard to that event which may soon take place from the force of Nature and feeling it my duty to dispose of my estate & property of every kind personal & real do hereby make this my last Will & Testament in the manner and form following Vis:

          All my land lying on the North side of the road leading to John Hamilton mill as far deed will testify I give to my son James Sowers also all my lands on the south of said land as deed will testify. I give to my son in law Phemas Bowen my servants Daniel, Silver & Nero. I give to my daughter Polly Hyskell also all my sheep. I give to Polly Hyskell that is marked with my mark. I give my residing house to my son in law James Little, my colt. I give to my grandson Knight Bowen my two three steers. I give to my daughter Polly Hyskell all my farming utensils. I give to my son James of every kind my wagons & gears. I give to my son James also my bed & furnitures. I give to my daughter Jane Bowen my saddle. I give to Phemas Bowen her husband.

          All money due me by bond note or Book account I give to my son in law Isaac Hyskell to collect and make use of as he may think proper my son in law Isaac Hyskell is to pay all debts due & demands against me if any there be that comes forward properly attested my New .....at the .....mill. I give to my son in law Phemas Bowen all my wearing apparel. I wish my children to divide among themselves agreeable to quantity & equally in testimony where of I have set my hand & seal this seventeen day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and fifteen. Signed, Seal & delivered in the presence of us & interlined before signed.

Sowers (Seal)

Test: Samuel Drake
William Knight Jr.
Alexander Frazer
William Kerfoot

          At a Court held for Frederick County the 6th day of February 1813. This last will and Testament of John Sowers dec'd was proved by the affirmation of Samuel Drake and the oath of Alexander Frazer Witnesses. Thereof and ordered to be accorded and on the motion of Isaac Heskill and Executor appointed in the said will who made oath according to law certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate therefor in due form on his giving security where upon he with Phemen Bowen and James H. Sowers his securities entered into. Acknowledged Bond in the penalty of four thousands dollars conditioned for his due & faithful administrations of said decease estate.

By the Court  
Ja Keith C.C.

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