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The Last Will & Testament of Peter J. Sowers Sr.

See Peter's family record.

(Webmaster's note: This document was submitted to me by Jeryl Bennett belshazzer@earthlink.net MLM)

          Know all men by these presents that I, Peter J. Sowers, of the city of Saint Louis, Missouri, being of sound mind and disposing memory but knowing the uncertainty of life and intending hereby to revoke all former wills heretofore made by me do now make, publish, and declare the following as and for my last will and testament, towit;

          1. Firstly: It is my will that out of any estate that I may own a the time of my death, there be paid all my just debts and all the expenses of my burial out of the administration of my estate.

          2. Secondly: To my son, Peter J. Sowers, now of Macon County, Missouri, I give and devise that certain tract of land containing eighty acres more or less situated in section three of township fifty-seven (57) North and Range thirteen (13) West in said Macon County upon which he now resides and carries on a farm to have and to hold said tract for and during his life; I also give and bequeath to him absolutely all the stock, farming implements, tools and apparatus of every sort which at the time of my death ..... be upon said farm or be used in connection therewith. In case my said son should die before his wife, Hannah Elizabeth, I desire that said tract of land after his death should go to her, the said Hannah E. to be held and enjoyed by her during her life, and after the death of both said Peter J. and said Hannah E., I desire that it go and do hereby give and devise it to all of the children now or hereafter born of the marriage between them; said Peter J. and Hannah E. in fee simple share and share alike. In case none of said children survive my said son, then it is my desire that the said land after the death of him and said Hannah E shall go to and vest in his heirs.

          3. Thirdly: To my daughter Mrs. Mary L. Pruitt, wife of Dr. Theodore F. Prewitt of the city of St. Louis, I give and bequeath a ... Negotiable bond issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia of one thousand dollars, numbered 1048, and bearing interest at the rate of three percent per annum as per coupons attached thereto, which I now own, together with all coupons remaining thereon at the time of my death. This particular legacy is made by me in consideration of the fact that I have heretofore insured my life in favor of my daughter, Mrs. Jane E. Gillian, wife of John Gilliam, now of Kansas City, Missouri, and with the view of making the several amounts that my said daughter shall receive from me or my estate as nearly equal as possible.

          4. Fourthly: Out of the remainder of my estate I give and bequeath unto each of my three sons, John C, Wade W., and Peter J. Sowers the sum of one thousand dollars in money. I hereby empower whichever of the persons hereinafter nominated by me for executor of this will shall qualify as such to sell at his discretion any part of my property not already hereinafter specifically devised or bequeathed that may be necessary in order to raise money with which to pay said legacies of one thousand dollars each to my said three sons.

          5. Fifthly: Sell the rest and residue of my estate whether real, personal, or mixed and whereever situated. I hereby give, bequeath, and devise unto my said two daughters Mary L. Prewitt, and Jane E. Gilliam to be divided between them equally share and share alike.

          6. Sixthly: I hereby nominate and appoint my son in law, Dr. Theodore F. Prewitt of said city of Saint Louis to be the Executor of this will and request that he be not required to give any bond as such for the faithful performance of his duties as such. In case of the death of my said son in law before my death or of his refusal to qualify as such Executor, I desire and do hereby nominate and appoint John W. Dryden of said city to be the Executor of this will in his stead and request also that no bond be required of him for the faithful performance of his duties as such. In Witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name at the said city of Saint Louis, Missouri on this the nineteenth day of February, A. D. 1887. Signed: Peter J. Sowers.

          Sequel published . . . by the above named testator, Peter J. Sowers, as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names hereunder as attesting willingness and do now attest the same on this the 19th day of February 1887 at the city of St. Louis, Mo. Signed: A. D. (?); W. (William) Nichols; E (?) Thompkins.

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