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Daniel Sowers Kerfoot & Maria Carr Clippings

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Daniel Sowers Kerfoot

     Daniel was born on January 6, 1802, presumably at "Providence", his father's house in Clarke County. He married Maria Carr, daughter of Joseph Carr, the founder of Upperville (originally called Carrtown). He and his wife were among the founders of Upperville Baptist Church, contributing the bricks for the original structure. The original church was replaced by the newer building and the bricks from the original structure were incorporated into the parsonage built across the street from the church.

     Just after the Civil War, Daniel's wife died at Montmorenci, in Fauquier County, on December 4, 1865 of an illness contracted from nursing a sick slave. Daniel died on August 26, 1884 at Montmorenci. Both are buried at Ivy Hill Cemetery in Upperville.

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