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Here is a collection of various pamphlets and newsclippings that pertain to the families of Jacob Sowers, William Kerfoot & William Davis and other families in this section.

Barry Lamar Heflybower Clippings

Thomas Lamar "Tommy" Heflybower & Corrien Ann "Chickie" Diemer Clippings

Thomas Scott Heflybower & Sheila Ann Flower Clippings

Jane Elizabeth Christman Clippings

Justin David Noel Clippings

Mia Amour "My Love" Noel Clippings

George S. Heflybower & Kate Hays Clippings

Mamie Alice Heflybower Clippings

George B. Heflybower Clippings

Willie Frances Heflybower & Charles James Deahl Jr. Clippings

Mary Jane Deahl & George Alwin Stokes Clippings

George William Deahl & Jerry Alice McBride Clippings

Daniel Sowers Kerfoot & Maria Carr Clippings

Inga Lucille Sowers & James Walter Kenney Clippings

Daniel S. Kerfoot Clippings

George Chapin Kerfoot Clippings

George M. Kerfoot Clippings

Seth Mason Timberlake Clippings

David William Timberlake Clippings

Joseph Edmunds Timberlake Clippings

Thomas William Timberlake Clippings

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