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Rockland Baptist Church

Rockland Baptist Church building
(Original building burned in 1922)
(Replaced by this structure in 1923)

Organized January 18, 1874. 27 Members.

Mr. G.B. Shepherd was elected pastor at this meeting. He preached at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

December 16, 1877: Appointed committee to take steps to find suitable building for church.

March 28, 1878: Dr. A.C. Bryne and wife Eveline deeded the land-2700 square yards, for the new church to be built. This parcel of land faced the Stone Bridge road. The deed stated that this piece of land could not be used for anything except a place of worship.

They occupied new building on December 19, 1878 with 34 members present. Official dedication was held on March 29, 1879 with Brother Penick of Alexandria giving the message. The Riverton Baptist Church congregation gave large Bible at this time.

April 17, 1880: They organized Sunday School, joined Shenandoah Baptist Association and joined the Boyce and Bethel churches in acquiring a parsonage. This parsonage was at Boyce.

In 1885 they appointed a committee to put in effect an Envelope System so as not to have to embarrass anyone who was behind in their tithing.

Dec. 16, 1887: Had membership drive. Total membership now 66.

April 20, 1890: Rev. G.B. Shepherd gave his resignation. They appointed delegates to serve on committee in the Pastorial Field for a pastor for the Boyce, Bethel and Rockland charge.

June 14, 1890: Rev. W.S. Dorset took the pulpit, with salary at 200 dollars a year.

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