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Rockland Community Church
(Warren County, Virginia)

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"A Church of Christian Unity"
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Rockland Community Church
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Rockland Community Church is located east of Cedarville in Warren County, Va. off of US 522 at the corner of Fairground Road and Rockland Road in the village of Rockland. This church is actually a union between the old Rockland Baptist Church and Rockland Methodist Church. The old meetinghouse used by the Methodist Church still stands but is not used for worship services. The original Baptist church building burned and was later rebuilt. This is actually the building that is currently being used. This church has been attended by many different members of Jacob Sowers's descendants over the years. A little further up the road is the Rockland Cemetery where many of these people are buried. Some of these people are also descendants of Robert Mackay Sr. as well.

They can be reached by writing to:

Rockland Community Church
2921 Rockland Road
Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone: (540) 635-8312

Their worship schedule is as follows:

Sunday School
Worship Service
Worship Service
-   9:45 AM (September 1 - May 31)
- 11:00 AM (September 1 - May 31)
- 10:00 AM (June 1 - August 31)

Map and satellite view of Rockland area.

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When you switch to the satellite view you can see Rockland Community Church and nearby buildings. The schoolhouse is on the left side of the church. The old Methodist Church is right below them with the curved driveway. The Cemetery is the rectangular shaped area with some trees in it to the south. Use your "back" button to return.

On the pages below is some history of the Rockland Community Church and it's buildings, cemeteries and grounds. This information courtesy of Betty Irene Powers and Rev. Joseph J. Swack.

"The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want..."


Rockland Baptist Church

Rockland Methodist Church

Rockland Community Church
The merging of the Baptist and Methodist churches.

Rockland Art and Craft Shop

Rockland Cemetery Association

Rockland Church House

Images of America 2004 (embedded page)
Front Royal and Warren County
Thomas Blumer, Charles W. Pomeroy
Arcadia Publishing, 2004. (Page 96)

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