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Sowers & Kerfoot Family Homes

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On this page will be a listing of various historic homes which belonged to members of our Sowers & Kerfoot families.

Home of William Kearfott

Originally the home of Rev. William Davis


Red Gate




New Brick Place
Once the home of George Henry & Martha Virginia Sowers

Rock Hill
Home of Edwin L. Heflybower

Terrace Hill
Former home of Robert Lee & Beryl (Manuel) Sowers

Shady Maple Farm
Home of Harry Pendleton & Velma Lucille (Sowers) Powers

Home of Harfield Timberlake.

Archived at www.archive.org. Original website no longer active.
Estate of Daniel Sowers Kerfoot in Upperville, Va.
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Once the home of Alfred M. Kerfoot. It was originally built by Werner Washington.
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Other neighbouring homes with websites

The Carter Hall Conference Center
Project HOPE Conference Facilities

Historic Long Branch
In southern Clarke County, Va.
An estate near Bethel Church

Blandy Experimental Farm
Located not too far from Bethel

Historic Sites Along the Route | Potomac Pedalers Touring Club (PPTC Century)
Contains info. about some historic sites in Clarke and surrounding counties.

Others will be added as I become aware of them.

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