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Salem Regular Baptist Church

Salem Regular Baptist Church, Clarke Co. Va.

"Independent - Fundamental - Evangelistic"

Salem Regular Baptist Church is located in western Clarke County on Salem Church Road which is between Senseny Road and Old Winchester Road (now Carper's Valley Road). This church was frequented by a few of Robert Mackay's descendants who became Baptists as well as a few of Jacob Sowers's descendants. One person in particular was William Buck McKay who it is said would walk from his house south of Millwood about 7 miles to attend meeting at Salem. The rest of the membership was made up of other local people who embraced the Baptist faith. There are some graves located on the church grounds but many of the markers are no longer present. The church still holds regular service.

Their worship schedule is as follows:

Sunday School
Morning Worship Service
Sunday Evening Service
Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study
-   9:45 AM
- 11:00 AM
-   6:30 PM
-   7:00 PM

Salem is only two years younger than Bethel and grew out of the Bethel congregation due to the large number of people embracing the Baptist faith during that time. According to "The Bethel Register", "On Sept. 8, 1810, 'Brothers Samuel Drake, Michael Pierce, Sisters Sally Pierce, Lucy Louthan, Sally Drake, Sr., Sally Drake, Jr. and Anny Kerfoot' received 'letters of dismission to Constitute a Church at Salem'". This church is considered one of Clarke County, Va.'s cherished landmarks. Salem is a member of the Ketocton Association of Regular Baptists.

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